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What is the Dogrun?





Early settlers to Texas found that by connecting two cabins by a common roof they could capture prevailing breezes and create an inviting, shady outdoor room.

This space in between, also known as a “dogrun”, acted as a frame for appreciating the landscape beyond.  Similarly, we at Lake|Flato Architects see our blog – THE DOGRUN – as a frame for understanding the world and as a place to share ideas with the community around us.

But where does the dog imagery enter in?


The Dog Table




The popular Lake|Flato dog mascot is based on a table that currently resides in our front lobby. The table has a wooden dog base, which originates from a small boy’s ceremonial costume for a festival of domesticated animals in a town near Guerrero, Mexico. David Lake acquired this, along with other ceremonial masks (that live in his office, good luck finding them), and made it into a table. Over the years, we’ve used the dog icon to represent our eclectic culture. For a few years in the early aughts we even had an office dog named Belinda who was the spitting image of the wooden dog!





If you become a partner, you get this dog pin



The front door to our office



Baseball caps with the dog graphic




So, welcome to our virtual Dogrun – we’d love for you to share your ideas with us!