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Claire Matucheski

What Makes A Winner

Posted by on 6/19/13 at 07:29pm

In case you haven’t heard yet, back in April 2013 our very own Pearl Brewery/Full Goods Warehouse was awarded an AIA COTE Top Ten Award. The award is given by the American Institute of Architects to the top ten most sustainable projects across the country. We’re certainly very proud to be on the list beside so many names we admire.

There was an especially interesting post in Gizmodo about what elements set each winner apart. Some of these elements included Living Machines, 100% on site renewable energy production, energy meters in every classroom, or in our case it was “energy surfing”. Yeah, that’s right, surfing in San Antonio.

The post also highlights a major shift in the scale of sustainable buildings. Once upon a time, sustainable practices were reserved for small-scale and residential or special interest niche projects, but this list proves that is certainly not the case anymore. The diverse list of winners of winners includes schools, government buildings, office buildings, mixed-use developments, and still some great houses. It makes us wonder what the next big scale shift will be. More large scale developments? Whole cities?