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Heather Gayle Holdridge

A recent article in The Guardian cites several studies on sustainable offices and why workers are demanding healthy work environments. Click to Read More

Seema Kairam


Posted by on 1/9/15 at 05:50pm

For some at Lake|Flato, the end of 2014 meant wrapping up design documents for the new headquarters building for IDEA Public Schools located in Weslaco, Texas. We are very excited to break ground on construction over the next few weeks.
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Casey Nelson


Posted by on 1/7/15 at 11:42am

Eric Bowman, our new Digital Design Manager joined us right before Christmas, an early present for many Revit users here at the office. While many of us were fooled at Halloween (see Rob’s costume below) the search for a BIM guru ended right before the holidays. 
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Heather Gayle Holdridge

Lake|Flato has a very high percentage of employees who commute daily by bicycle.  This study has some great information on how that impacts our happiness and well-being. Via (brought to me via Rand Pinson): “Commuters who bike to work are the most satisfied with their morning travel, according to a new study by Portland State Urban Studies Planning Graduate School. Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith


Posted by on 12/19/14 at 12:47pm

Professional. Responsible. Pleasant. Thoughtful. Poised. Click to Read More

Jessica Vonderau

LF 30: 2002 Hilltop Arboretum

Posted by on 12/18/14 at 04:54pm

In honor of Lake Flato’s thirtieth anniversary, the Thirty Projects x Thirty Years series has been developed to explore and celebrate the firm’s history and culture of design. Published weekly, the series will highlight one project per year, starting in 1984 and ending in 2014. The projects that have been selected will give you a snapshot of the firm’s evolution as well as provide a fun and insightful collection on then and now, and ultimately, who we are today. Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith


Posted by on 12/15/14 at 06:48pm

Joe just rocks. Click to Read More

Laura Kaupp

A giant smile breaks across my face when Jeannette visits my desk – she is either asking to help me with something or offering some crazy baked goodie. I think it’s her smile that goes airborne and infects other people causing them to break out in senseless smiles. Or maybe she puts something in those baked concoctions – they aren’t normal ingredients, you know. I’m not sure they ever make it to the other floors.  Click to Read More

Corey Squire

November was a big month for the Josey pavilion. After winning an AIA San Antonio Honor Award and celebrating its official grand opening, the pavilion is still operating as predicted, recording an energy surplus of 68 kWh after two months of occupancy. Click to Read More

Heather Gayle Holdridge

Lake|Flato’s Andrew Herdeg will serve as a juror for AIA New York’s inaugural COTE Awards.  The local awards program was inspired by the national AIA COTE Top 10  program, which awards the 10 best projects for sustainable design in North America each year.  The AIANY COTE Awards will recognize truly sustainable projects within 100 miles on Manhattan that set the standard for both beauty and performance. Click to Read More