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Hayley Johnson

Sustainability Conferences of 2015

Posted by on 6/17/15 at 08:26am

Remaining active in sustainability discussions is an important part of what we do at Lake | Flato.  Conferences offer the chance for invested community members to learn, share, mingle and feel inspired.  Here’s a summary of the conferences attended by LFers this year. Click to Read More

Josh Nieves

Lick List: Seattle/Portland

Posted by on 6/15/15 at 01:04pm

A few weeks ago Sarah and I decided to visit the Northwest to meet up with some graduated Lake|Flato’ers and explore the landscapes and architecture of Seattle and Portland.  Along the way a few buildings joined the highly coveted Lick List! Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith


Posted by on 6/5/15 at 01:30pm

I’ve learned a lot from Rand the last 4 years here at Lake | Flato. At the surface, you’d think that he’s just really interested in architecture, but it’s more – he’s an adventurer and inspiration junkie, searching for truth. Click to Read More

Cam Greenlee


Posted by on 6/2/15 at 10:40am

Sunday, May 31st, the historically appreciative “Nerd Train” took an impromptu trip south down the river. LFer’s Ben Hartigan, Ty Reece and myself eventually biked all the way down Mission Reach, stopping at Mission San Juan and finally Mission Espada. The weather had cooled and droves of people were all along the river enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Click to Read More

Hayley Johnson

B4B is back!

Posted by on 5/29/15 at 12:54pm

What better way to start off a Friday than with waffles, polka music and reducing our carbon emissions?  Our first Bike4Breakfast of the year was a success with the seasonal appearance of the always popular nectarine! Click to Read More

Joe Ben


Posted by on 5/28/15 at 08:35am

Sunnie always shines bright. Whether she offers a cheerful good morning or late in the evening tells you goodnight after a busy day at the office, her energy and cheerful personality always shines through.My little Cajun sister Sunnie. I’m not sure if her parents saw it at birth or if they did it like some Indian tribes and waited to see her personality develop before naming her – however they arrived at her name: they nailed it. From the first day I met Sunnie at lunch during her interview, I realized her name matched her personality perfectly. Click to Read More

Ted Flato

As an architect, I have an appreciation for the role that climate, culture, and landscape play in the making of cities, and, through this lens, I enjoy discovering what makes places special. David Heymann, an architect and professor at the University of Texas, in his short but well written My Beautiful City Austin, leverages this unique architectural perspective to deliver a nice portrait of the city. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

Trail toward Transparency: the process

Posted by on 5/21/15 at 11:20am

Of the 20 imperatives of the Living Building Challenge, the two that we found to be most difficult were Red List and Appropriate Sourcing. Following up on our recent publication of the material matrix for the Josey Pavilion, here’s a look at how we tackled these two challenges. Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith

LF Welcomes Katie Cavazos

Posted by on 5/19/15 at 04:57pm

Katie Cavazos recently became part of our Lake|Flato family after trading the windy city of Chicago, Illinois for the recently rainy city of San Antonio, Texas. Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith


Posted by on 5/14/15 at 10:42am

The San Antonio River Foundation Confluence Park provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the ecology of the South Texas region, demonstrate the value of our natural resources, and foster environmental stewardship in a traditionally underserved area adjoining the San Antonio River. With education as its core purpose, Confluence can be understood as an intricate teaching tool that will inspire people to become more involved with the river, practice environmental stewardship, and gain a greater understanding of Texas ecotypes. Click to Read More