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Adam Heisserer

Vertical vs Horizontal

Posted by on 10/22/15 at 02:10pm

Today we answer the age-old question that has plagued humanity for centuries: Should east and west-facing windows have vertical or horizontal louvers? Click to Read More

John Schaffhauser

As I have begun my professional career at Lake|Flato by administrating the construction of one of the largest and most complex projects in our firm’s history, I find that it is both entertaining and necessary to share what it has been like for a young designer to jump from the pond of architecture school into the deepest ocean of architectural reality. Click to Read More

Heather Gayle Holdridge

COTE Cinema

Posted by on 10/5/15 at 09:16am

AIA San Antonio’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) is hosting a free movie night this week in downtown San Antonio. The outdoor film will take place at Travis Park, and the weather is sure to be beautiful! Please join us and bring friends and family along for a fun and informative night on environmental issues in our community. Click to Read More

Cecelia Smith

Three is great company

Posted by on 9/8/15 at 02:35pm

LF’s three newest interns are well-adjusted to our family and just had a blast at Flake Lato. Meet Claire, Josh and Wo-Wu! Click to Read More

Seema Kairam

Blast From the Past

Posted by on 8/31/15 at 08:01am

A few weeks back we had another edition of our office show-and-tell, 3x6x9. This time we asked some vetern LF’ers to present their favorite Lake Flato projects from the early years. We heard a lot of great stories about clients, contractors and office antics. We learned about some projects that were not only formative for the trajectory of the firm but also individual colleagues (for example, Laura did a study of the Carraro house in grad school, which she explained transformed how she conceived of the single family home). Click to Read More

Justin Ford
From left to right: Josh Leger, Josh Lamden, Josh Nieves

A peculiar but welcome phenomenon exists at Lake|Flato: We are home to the highest concentration of architectural interns named “Josh” in the City of San Antonio. I sat down with Josh Nieves, Josh Leger, and Josh Lamden (also known around here as J1, J2, and J3, respectively) to talk about their experiences as interns at Lake|Flato. Read on to find out what other similarities (and differences) exist between this trio. Click to Read More

Josh Leger

The Lake|Flato Experience

Posted by on 8/18/15 at 10:20am

What does a year at Lake|Flato do to you? Many, many things.
Click to Read More

Kelly Weckman

Reflections of an Intern

Posted by on 8/18/15 at 09:13am

Interning at Lake|Flato has been fantastic and went by all too quickly. For those who are curious about the LF intern life, I thought I would reflect on the experience.
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Cecelia Smith

Three New LFers

Posted by on 8/11/15 at 11:22am

We’ve been busy adding to our LF family and we’re excited to announce the addition of these three new LFers in time for our annual summer retreat, Flake Lato. Welcome Ana, John and Dan! Click to Read More

Cam Greenlee

Wednesday evening, August 5th, Lake Flato held a showing of William Whyte’s “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces,” a somewhat quirky documentary that observes people and their interactions in urban spaces, primarily in New York City. It attempts to quantify what makes urban space habitable. Although the video and accompanying research are from 1980, the lessons learned are still relevant to design discourse. What better way to end a day of work than grabbing a bowl of popcorn, a good beer, and catching a great flick. We’re currently scheduling our next L|F Theater showing. Stay tuned… Click to Read More