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Vicki Yuan

Better Know an LFer: Grace Boudewyns

Posted by on 4/11/12 at 11:31am

“Grace has been a joy to work with and I knew she would be a great fit not only with the Courthouse team, but the office, in how she quickly learned how to deal with Pickles, Carjack, AKA Chris, every young designer’s favorite person. She seems immune and utterly unphased by his repeated attacks on her clothing, shoes, watch, Kansas, or whatever came to his mind that day. Oh, and did I mention that she’s a thoughtful designer Click to Read More

Corey Leamon

Lake|Flato Blooms During April Showers

Posted by on 4/9/12 at 02:00pm

Welcome to our newest crop! Let’s meet them from left to right: Sam Vonderau will be working on Georgia Tech’s Engineered Biosystems Building. He hails from Ft. Wayne and Ball State University in Indiana and has been in Austin, Texas for the last two years interning at Central for Maximum Potential Building Systems and working at McKinney York Architects. Click to Read More

jennifer young

Ground Source Heat Pump Basics

Posted by on 4/5/12 at 04:30pm

Why are Ground Source Heat Pumps so efficient? How much do they cost? Where can I learn more? We thought we’d put together a short white paper to get you started! Click to Read More

Laura Kaupp

I could be wrong, but I think most architects dream about spending the night in a house that they have designed.  You have basically lived in the house in your mind as it is being drawn, and mulled over every detail as it is being constructed, but you don’t really know, after the keys are turned over, what it is like to live in it.  So, this past weekend, I had the architectural pleasure of staying with clients in their house.  I was super excited they invited Click to Read More

The Project: Agudas Achim Synagogue Location: Austin, Texas Project Team: David Lake, Kim Monroe, Matt Morris, Kenny Brown, Jay Pigford, Dale Riser, Clara Hightower, Paula Williams Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

Stone Restoration at Mission San Jose

Posted by on 4/1/12 at 10:40am

Many of us are familiar with the five historic Missons in San Antonio and their rich cultural and architectural significance in our community. Currently, the Mission San Jose is receiving extensive stone restoration on its facade, which is “one of the most spectacular Spanish colonial art treasures in the United States,” according to Fr. David Garcia, who raised $15.5 million to fund the current Mission restoration work. Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

An Era is Ending…

Posted by on 3/30/12 at 09:36am

Ted Flato is packing up his materials from the desk where it all started 25 years ago! It’s time to make room for some new people starting next week, so he’s parting ways with his old drafting desk station to keep everything contained in his library office. Feel free to spark your own spring cleaning frenzy! Click to Read More

Greg Papay

Revenge of the Electric Car

Posted by on 3/28/12 at 06:00pm

The Papays took KLRN up on their offer for free tickets to watch the movie ‘The Revenge of the Electric Car’ last night at the LOL Comedy Club. Somewhere around 150 EV fans packed the floor to watch the movie and hear discussion from industry reps. The movie chronicles the path of four groups trying to break ground in the EV world, from GM down to a custom shop in southern California. I’m not sure the rest of the Papays we’re loving it, Click to Read More

jennifer young

Material Testing

Posted by on 3/28/12 at 03:41pm

About a year ago, Bob and I nailed two samples of Cambia wood siding to a south facing exterior wall of Jamey Garza’s studio compound in Marfa. After a year in the desert sun, through the diurnal fluctuations of temperature, the sample looks almost the same as a year ago. Cambia is a thermally modified wood (domestic and FSC). This treatment improves the dimensional stability and decay resistance of the wood. We plan to use Cambia on the Kruger’s deck and hope it performs the same way! Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Digital Pin-Up: Rocking X Ranch

Posted by on 3/28/12 at 02:00pm

Above: northeast-living Rocking X Ranch is private ranch house and family retreat that is an addition to an existing residence located in North Texas. Consisting of six independent structures nestled among a grove of oak trees, each structure serves a specific function. A central “living room” acts as Click to Read More