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Vicki Yuan

Seeing Architecture in Switzerland

Posted by on 1/7/13 at 08:14pm

I recently traveled to Vals, Switzerland, a remote village located in a valley high in the Alps. Vals has an interesting story: the village owned a failing 1960′s hotel/spa complex built over the only thermal springs in the region, and in the early 90′s, invited local architect Peter Zumthor to design the new thermal spa. Vals, still a tiny, distant place,  is now an epicenter for architects from all over the world. Much has been said of the architecture: its uncompromising rigor of Click to Read More

Mindy Gudzinski

Holiday Fun with our Littles!

Posted by on 1/3/13 at 12:34pm

For the second year in a row Lake|Flato has been a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Inspire U program. The program matches workplace mentors [Bigs] with children [Littles] from various schools in San Antonio. The relationships that develop through this mentorship program have been proven to empower adolescents to make more positive life decisions, attend college or university and go on to lead successful, fulfilling lives.
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Grace Boudewyns

Leon Springs is a residence for a professional couple who wanted their last home to achieve the highest level of energy and water efficiency. Our clients wanted a sustainable home that used local durable materials and efficient systems, had healthy indoor air quality, and allowed them to connect on a deeper level with nature.  There are 3 main forms that combine to create several outdoor spaces where the clients enjoy morning Click to Read More


Marketing Reels In Another Member

Posted by on 12/20/12 at 06:01pm

The marketing team is thrilled at the arrival of Jessica Vonderau, our new Marketing Coordinator and the most recent addition to the LF family. Growing up in Tipton, Indiana, Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er : Jacqueline Fisher

Posted by on 12/12/12 at 11:00am

“Something you may not have known about Jacqueline is that she spent many a summer on construction sites with her father, which instilled in her a great curiosity Click to Read More


Blue Star Fundraising Event

Posted by on 12/11/12 at 09:11am
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The Blue Star Contemporary Art Center here in San Antonio asked local artists to design and build a Christmas tree to be exhibited at a fundraising event. This was a creative way to swing into the holiday season so Lake Flato decided to take part in this event. The photos below document the process of the build and the final exhibition. Click to Read More

Margaret Sledge

High Cotton

Posted by on 12/7/12 at 11:13am

A group of 4 LF’ers traveled to Lubbock in September to participate in a community charrette. This is the first part of our story, in which we discover the potential of a collection of grain warehouses. Click to Read More

Mindy Gudzinski

  The Hoover Dam is a true engineering marvel of man against nature.  This massive arch-gravity dam was completed in just 5 years (2 years ahead of schedule) from 1931-1936.  To put into perspective what an incredible accomplishment this structure was for it’s time we can compare the recenty completed Hoover Dam Bypass bridge which took 7 years to construct!
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Vicki Yuan

Better Block Project This Saturday

Posted by on 12/5/12 at 02:12pm

It’s time for another city-scale pop-up! This Saturday brings the third (and final?) Better Block project to San Antonio’s Plaza de Armas. Come out to experience a completely revitalized street, if only for a day. I’m most excited to visit the happenings in the  Spanish Governor’s Palace Courtyard (one of my favorite places in the city) and if my dog’s lucky, I’ll bring her to the Annual Blessing of the Animals…. For more info, visit the Better Block site page here. Click to Read More

Phil Zimmerman
Brewery Test Bottle and Beakerlier

As completion of the Pearl Parkway Buildings of the Pearl Brewery Redevelopment in San Antonio, TX wraps up, many finishing details are finally going into place.  Custom light fixtures that were designed to utilize existing materials and found remnants of the historical brewery were recently installed. Click to Read More