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Rand Pinson

Digital Pinup: South Boulevard Apartments

Posted by on 10/3/13 at 08:28am

Lake|Flato has been hard at work designing the South Boulevard Apartments in south-east Houston. The clients were looking to offer a more urban, higher-density, housing option to the neighborhood. Thus, the project will divide 30,000 square feet of boutique apartment and amenity space among 4 buildings throughout the site. It will include a mix of one and two bedroom units. Click to Read More

Michael Britt

Earlier this week, a number of the LFers joined Judge Nelson Wolff, of Bexar County, for an early morning ride to support the upcoming opening of the Mission Reach Trail south of town. Judge Wolff has led the county’s funding efforts for the River Improvements Project along the Mission Reach and was nice enough to invite us out for a quick spin on the trail. After Click to Read More


The UTSA College of Architecture (COA) and the American Institute of Architects San Antonio (AIA San Antonio) will present architect William Braham, FAIA, speaking on “Environmental Building Design: Thermodynamic Principles” at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the Buena Vista Street Building Aula Canaria (1.328) on the UTSA Downtown Campus. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

LEED AP Project Update

Posted by on 9/30/13 at 01:21pm

  This past July we set a goal for 15 Lake Flatonians to become LEED APs by thanksgiving. Two months later we are happily moving ahead of schedule. Click to Read More

Seema Kairam
Lake|Flato takes to the kickball diamond.

For the last few weeks a group of Lake Flatonians have been representing the office in the fall season of Downtown Kickball in Hemisfair Park. On Tuesday night, we were matched up against the undefeated Southtown Deflatables. This game held particular importance to us because the opposing team poached Grace (pictured in sunglasses above) from us at the beginning of the season (we know, its hard when someone offers you a free t-shirt).
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Chicago in July

Posted by on 9/24/13 at 04:11pm

This July my wife Peggy and I spent a few days in the Chicago area. Most notable about our trip was a visit to a few museums, a delightful Italian Restaurant near Michigan Avenue and several Frank Lloyd prairie style houses in Oak Park. The highlight of the trip was a tour of the Frederick C. Robie House in Hyde Park. Click to Read More

Josh Nieves

The Lick List

Posted by on 9/24/13 at 01:31pm

Ever feel so compelled by the experience of a building that you felt the need to lick it just to have a more complete experience of it?  Me neither- that is until I read “The Eyes of the skin” by Juhani Pallasamaa. This book convinced me to begin the practice of licking buildings that were of a particular caliber. For example, some of the buildings my tongue Click to Read More

Matthew Wallace

Come join the fun October 26 & 27, 2013.  Yours truly David “I can paint like Remington” Lake and Matt “Sure you can David” Wallace will be presenting the design of the building.  Time TBD.   Click to Read More

Margaret Sledge

Park(ing) Day San Antonio

Posted by on 9/19/13 at 01:42pm

Tomorrow, September 20, is Park(ing) Day 2013! Park(ing) Day is an annual open-source event in which ordinary citizens transform single parking spaces into urban parks for a day. The activity is designed to call attention to the need for more urban open space, and to generate debate about how public space is allocated, managed, and used. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Large civic projects like the Austin Central Library take a great deal of time and effort by a large number of team members. The process, much like we intend the the final product to be, is a mix of the best of digital and analog technologies available. Click to Read More