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New Year, New Hires: part deux

Posted by on 2/3/14 at 05:33pm

Meet our most recent recruits: Daniel Lazarine and Ben Hartigan.   Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith


Posted by on 2/3/14 at 04:04pm

In November 2011 we replanted our grass yard with native plantings. This year was less about the plants and more about the new insects and animals that appeared. We had our first Red Hawk sighting (who ate one of the gold fish in the pond) our first Yellow Garden Spiders, and our first group of Hummingbirds. All of the plants continue to do well. Some of our zero maintenance favorites include Big Muhly, Monterrey Oak and Nolina Texana. See the overview of year two below. Click to Read More


New Year, New Hires

Posted by on 1/27/14 at 05:10pm

The beginning of the year has brought new talent to the office: Casey Nelson and June Jung. Click to Read More

Matthew Wallace
jennifer young

LA side trips

Posted by on 1/21/14 at 05:31pm

Last year, I escaped to Venice Beach, California for a prenatal workshop with my favorite yoga teacher. My sojourn by the sea consisted of morning yoga classes and afternoons walks by the sea with a few further away excursions. One highlight was a visit to dosa 818. dosa is a clothing, accessories + housewares line designed by Christina Kim. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith


Posted by on 1/16/14 at 01:14pm

Cameron and I continue our Travels to Cold Bike Races Series having attended the US National Cyclocross Championships in Boulder, Colorado last weekend. While in Boulder we took in the races, some local architecture, and visited friends. Katie Compton taking control of the women’s pro race above. Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Denise DeLeon

Posted by on 1/15/14 at 09:56am

“Pick any firm in the country and there is a single person that just knows where everything lives, someone essential to the continuity and culture of the office, a keymaster of sorts. At LF this is Denise. Known by many nicknames (perhaps mostly to me), like “Double D”, “short stack”, “Sugar”, etc, she is the mapmaker for all historical and cultural information; Click to Read More

Corey Squire

Happy New Years

Posted by on 1/9/14 at 02:06pm

    1) Disclosure The more data, the better. Click to Read More

Margaret Sledge

Green Schools Challenge

Posted by on 1/5/14 at 05:02pm

This past September, the Central Texas Balcones chapter of the US Green Building Council kicked off its first year of the Green Schools Challenge. The 2013-2014 afterschool program, based on the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools curriculum, engages 4th and 5th graders in green building practices by guiding them through a process of measuring their school campus, designing a project to improve their school, and evaluating the outcome of their project.
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Cameron Smith

Big House Inspiration

Posted by on 12/16/13 at 09:59am

During Greenbuild 2013 I had the unique experience of touring the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. A short walk from downtown, Eastern State was the world’s first designed prison intended to inspire penitence and rehabilitate its prisoners through the “Pennsylvania System” of isolation. Click to Read More