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Seema Kairam

This past Sunday was a very important day for a few Lake Flatonians, it was the Downtown Kickball League 2014 Spring Championships. And boy was it a success! In the regular season we were 6-1, losing only to the undefeated Southtown Deflatables. After clinching our spot in the final four earlier in the week, we arrived at the field on Sunday cautiously optimistic about our chances to take home the coveted Samba-topped trophy.
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Field Report: Georgia Tech EBB

Posted by on 4/7/14 at 08:42am

This week’s field report features construction photos of Georgia Tech’s Engineered Biosystems Building (EBB). Take a look at the recently topped out structure below.
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Robert Hoang

For the Love of Books and Landscapes

Posted by on 4/1/14 at 08:06am

The upcoming San Antonio Book Festival is anticipating a huge turn out of bookworms of all ages and nearly 100 authors that will be celebrating literary culture and our mutual love of books! The eclectic mix of national, regional and local writers add to the broad offerings that should satisfy any interest. The Downtown Alliance just named the San Antonio Book Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

Bernard Trainor’s New Book

Posted by on 3/27/14 at 01:40pm

We are currently working with Bernard Trainor and Associates on the Yee Residence in Carmel, CA.  Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

salk institute inspiration

Posted by on 3/21/14 at 07:37am

This week Bob Harris and I traveled to San Diego for a Sustainability and Design Leaders Workshop; while there we had a chance to visit The Salk Institute for Biological Studies by Louis Kahn. It was my first time to the Salk and I was not disappointed by the buildings restraint and timelessness. Click to Read More

Grace Boudewyns

LF30: 1986 – 1987 Fair Oaks Bank

Posted by on 3/17/14 at 09:31am

In honor of Lake Flato’s thirtieth anniversary, the Thirty Projects x Thirty Years series has been developed to explore and celebrate the firm’s history and culture of design. Published bi-weekly, the series will highlight one project per year, starting  in 1984 and ending in 2014. The projects that have been selected will give you a snapshot of the  firm’s evolution as well as provide a fun and insightful collection on then and now, and ultimately, who we are today. Click to Read More

Heather Gayle Holdridge

More Transparency

Posted by on 3/13/14 at 04:14pm

Jennifer Young wrote a post on transparency in the built environment just over a year ago, and we’ve seen the enthusiasm and resources available around this topic really emerge since then. Click to Read More


Craft Call: Casey Dunn

Posted by on 3/13/14 at 09:35am

Young Julius Schulman is what I like to call him during shoots, but Casey Dunn is not one to lose focus when on location. He possesses a keen ability to visually capture the story of a project with effortless panache. Perhaps the genius lies in his own talent of storytelling, a Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Joseph Dugan

Posted by on 3/6/14 at 08:00am

“Joseph performed well beyond the call of duty for me and David on the HEB downtown campus. He tirelessly worked on the project late into the night or before dawn in the mornings. On several occasions he had to send to the client updates on the plans in the early morning hours, often times for 8:00 AM meetings. It was a demanding process where Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Monsters of Design Visit Lake Flato

Posted by on 3/5/14 at 04:55pm

Last week Vicki, Grace and I were jurors for the AIA Kansas City Young Architects Forum 2014 Monsters of Design Awards. It is ‘an annual design competition for young architects and designers in or around the Kansas City metro area’ and part of Kansas City Design Week.  Click to Read More