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Why Wouldn’t Our Architecture Be This Good?

Posted by on 7/30/13 at 05:00pm
Model X - Very Cool

For those who are unaware (no one who knows me, that’s for sure) our family bought a Tesla Model S about 7 months ago. It is a spectacular car, simply a better driving experience, a complete and transcendent shift in how a car operates and interacts with its clients. If you want a test drive, just ask me to lunch…however you’d better block out a few hours!

Santana Row Showroom - Packed!

Santana Row Showroom – Packed!

Two weeks ago, my son Nicolas and I went to the first Teslive conference in Silicon Valley. This was a conference conceived and executed by the moderators at the site, with heavy help from Tesla. Identified as cattledog and cattlepup (you’ll just have to accept it), we spent 3 days in the Bay Area doing a factory tour, listening to Elon Musk and others present visions for Tesla’s future (I was a panelist in one of the sessions doing a ‘Tesla Kucha’), riding in others’ Teslas, and visiting the largest Tesla store in San Jose. It was great fun, inspirational, aspirational, invigorating.

Elon Musk's Signature on our Sun Visor

Elon Musk’s Signature on our Sun Visor

I left thinking that much of what Lake|Flato does aspires to match what Tesla has achieved – meshing beauty with performance, the intuitive with the demonstrable – only in the realm of architecture. Why wouldn’t our architecture be this good?

Motor Trend Car of the Year Award - On the Bar!

Motor Trend Car of the Year Award – On the Bar!

For writing that’s not quite that good, you’re welcome to spend some time on my Tesla Ownership Experience blog:

Cattledog and Cattlepup Hamming it Up

Cattledog and Cattlepup Hamming it Up


  • Corey Leamon

    Is there anywhere to see your Tesla Kucha online, Greg? Congrats on this cool opportunity, you will be a celebrity Tesla user! Did you meet Elon Musk? I hope you dropped my name. 😉