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The Architecture of the CCC

Posted by on 8/20/12 at 11:19am

So Sammy and I went on a little father/daughter hike over the weekend to Palmetto State Park. Located about an hour east of San Antonio, the park has a swampy, prehistoric quality that is most unusual for central Texas. It also contains a number of structures build by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

As Jonathan identified in an earlier post, these buildings are great on many levels. The Refectory in particular seems to grow out of the ground – its stone work irrevecobly ties it to its place while providing a wonderful place for kids (specifically Sammy) to climb.

If I live to be a hundred I can only hope to produce work half as good as this.

The original roof was a thatch made of the palm leaves of the Palmetto plants from which the park derives its name.

CCC workers were paid $30 a month for their efforts, $25 of which was sent back home to their families.

Four ceiling fans kept the simple meeting space gloriously cool.