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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3,

Posted by on 3/15/13 at 12:53pm

At the office we like to get hands-on with potential building materials for our projects. This desire manifests itself often, ranging from placing samples on the office roof for months to see how they weather in the Texas sun (and sometimes forgetting about them) to ordering lots and lots of samples which later become paperweights and odd pencil holders around the office. This week we tested a potential exterior LED light fixture for the Austin Central Library.

For our first test (Test 1) we took the fixture on a fieldtrip to the Fullgoods Warehouse which has a perforated metal scrim with similar attributes to the library. The second test (Test 2) involved using perforated metal samples and a fully darkened conference room at the office. We left the fixture cycling through its bold colors during our studies to get of sense of the possibilities, but the end result will most likely end up more nuanced.

These studies have led us to ask new questions with our design team about the nature of the lighting and the amount of ambient light surrounding the project. Thanks to Spectrum Lighting for lending the fixture for our test.

Visit this previous post for more information on the library’s interior light testing.


Test 1 , Test 2


Test 1 exterior face, Test 1 interior face


Test 2 interior face, Test 2 exterior face


Test 2 exterior faces