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Josh & Sarah’s Epic Roadtrip

Posted by on 5/11/16 at 01:35pm

In the beginning of March, Sarah and I ended our long tenure as interns at Lake|Flato and began our long trek up to Nova Scotia to start graduate school at Dalhousie University. We were super excited to begin school but still found it difficult to say goodbye to our San Antonio family. In order to take our minds off of the extreme sadness, we decided to distract ourselves with a road trip schedule that would take the longest possible route to our final destination in Halifax. For this, we went West instead of East — taking a few brave intern souls with us as we hiked to the top of the Guadalupe Mountain and down to the depths of Carlsbad Caverns. (We also camped in the middle of the windiest cow field in random New Mexico!) From there, Sarah and I continued on alone through the most magnificent landscapes in the country. We also got a chance to see some former LFers on our trip — Ben, Keegan, Sierra and Patrick! Below is a map of our route and some of our favorite photos from choice locations along our way.


01_Map of our road tripMap of our road trip

1_The summit of Guadalupe Mountain
The summit of Guadalupe Mountain

2_Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad Caverns

3_Chaco Canyon Chaco Canyon

4_Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch

5_Sunrise in Canyonlands Sunrise in Canyonlands

6_Bryce Canyon overlookBryce Canyon Overlook

7_Madness in Antelope CanyonMadness in Antelope Canyon

8_Top of Angels Landing in Zion
Top of Angels Landing in Zion

9_Rare flower bloom in Death Valley
Rare flower bloom in Death Valley

10_Half Dome in Yosemite
Half Dome in Yosemite

11_Tall tall Redwoods
Tall, tall Redwoods

12_Abandoned WW2 lookout bunkers along the San Fransisco coastAbandoned WWII lookout bunkers along the San Francisco coast

13_Flowers at Sea Ranch
Flowers at Sea Ranch

14_Snowshoed to the top of Crater Lake
Snowshoed to the top of Crater Lake


15_Climbing in OlympicClimbing in Olympic

16_Lake McDonald at GlacierLake McDonald at Glacier

17_Mammoth Spring in YellowstoneMammoth Spring in Yellowstone

18_Storm rolling in over the Tetons
Storm rolling in over the Tetons

19_Sarah (not a prairie dog) in the BadlandsSarah (not a prairie dog) in the Badlands


  • Fred D. Cawyer

    I love to watch your adventures – please continue to share – God Bless !

  • Nice solution, nice trip, nice places! Wish you luck!