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Hamburg Highlights

Posted by on 11/22/13 at 09:08am

This past summer Cameron and I ventured to Hamburg to visit former Lake|Flatonians Heather Weiler and Jeremy Fields. Hamburg was a surprising mix of city & greenspace, modern & traditional, and beer & pretzels. Both Heather and Jeremy have settled into life abroad, Heather is currently working for MOKA studio doing incredible renderings and Jeremy is working for Trapez Architektur fulfilling his dream of designing beautiful buildings that can be captured with a single hand gesture.

hamburg (1)

The top image is of Central Park which is Hamburg’s version of San Antonio’s La Tuna Ice House. An ad hoc bar, seating, and fire pit spaces are placed in a bed of sand. Above: Cycling in a tunnel under the River Elbe for a view back towards the city. Jeremy outlining the urban design of Hamburg through miming.

hamburg (2)

Hamburg is all about water edges; here downtown merges with the Binnenalster creating a great public gathering space.

hamburg (3)

The botanical garden has great terraces to sit and take in the sun overlooking a creek.

hamburg (6)

The River Elbe makes a great spot to relax on a beautiful day (even if jet-lagged).

hamburg (4)

Crazy brick.

hamburg (8)

Some traditional Hamburg architecture.

hamburg (9)

Some modern Hamburg architecture; including the impressive atrium space in the Unilever HQ by Benisch.

hamburg (10)

You can buy anything at many of the impromptu weekend markets that spring up in public squares throughout the city.

hamburg (7)

Prost: a big thanks to our hosts Heather and Jeremy.