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Capturing Reality with New Technology

Posted by on 8/28/13 at 01:02pm

I have been playing with a new technology that could change how we visualize our built environment. It is called ReCap Photo. This is an online image based modeling tool that is currently offered by Autodesk for free. The idea is very simple. You take a series of images around an object or a building, upload the images via the website, using the cloud computing technology and the images will be converted to a 3 dimensional object for you.

I found a flag pole in front of a historical building near my office and use it as a test subject.

Flag Pole Base

I took a series of images with my phone camera around the base…

Screen Shot from Samsung PhoneUpload the images and let the cloud engine to do all the work for me. As a result, it generated a 3D model, one can view it online or download it as a 3D object.

ReCap Photo 3D model interface

I can see the potential of using this technology to be a much quickier and more affordable way to document the existing building or structure and be able to incorporate with our design.

You can read more about the detail in this article:


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