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Jonathan Smith

Carriage Road Inspiration

Posted by on 5/30/14 at 04:03pm

Recently Cameron and I visited Acadia National Park. The carriage road system within in the park is incredible not only for the meandering beautiful roads but also for the incredible care and craftsmanship of the roads and stone bridges themselves.

The roads feel as if they are a natural part of the landscape and heighten your awareness of the nature that surrounds you. Each of the carriage road bridges utilizes the same local stone but in a different way. Some are more rusticated and others more civilized; some offer overlooks as part of the bridges while others morph into existing natural stone bluffs.


A man-made stone guardrail seamlessly morphs into a natural stone outcropping.


A cobbled side of one the more rusticated bridges.


Corbelled underside of a carriage road bridge.


Dry stacked stone wall now a habitat for grass.


Carriage road and intersecting trail signage.


Carriage road.