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Field Report: Rocking X Ranch

Posted by on 3/6/13 at 08:00am

In the past year since the first Dogrun Digital Pin-Up of Rocking X Ranch, construction has come to a close and the original design concepts of the project are beginning to be realized.  Located in North Texas, the private ranch is composed of a series of independent structures assembled among a grove of live oaks and organized around a central living space.  This dispersal of program allows the complex to be occupied comfortably by both large groups and intimate family gatherings.  The formal ques for the project originate in the Texas vernacular; farming structures, sheds and simple ranching buildings located in the surrounding landscape.  Looking to both original concept materials and construction photos of Rocking X, evidence of the original design intentions for the project can be seen meticulously executed through construction and played out in the now completed project.

P1040602 Concept Rendering (Above) and Completed Living Wing



Exterior - Covered Walk to LivingConcept Rendering of Covered Walkway Facing the Living Wing

Exterior-View-Completed-1Completed Covered Walkway



Interior - Living to PorchConcept Rendering of Living Wing

Interior-View-Construction-1Living Wing During Construction

Interior-View-Completed-1Completed Living Wing



Interior - Living to KitchenConcept Rendering of Living Wing

Interior-View-Construction-2Living Wing During Construction

Interior-View-Completed-2Completed Living Wing


The materials used in Rocking X Ranch are reminiscent of materials found in traditional Texas vernacular buildings and echo a close tie between the project and its site.  Simple and elegant exposed steel structure is left exposed to weather naturally and stone elements are composed of materials harvested directly from the site.  Western red cedar offers soft counterpoint to these elements and further imbues the project with an indigenous sensibility.  Appropriate materiality and simple detailing has allowed Rocking X Ranch to realize a contemporary architectural response to a rich Texas landscape.

TrussesCustom Trusses

DoorCustom Sliding Door in Motor Court

FireplaceCustom Fireplace in Living Wing

Custom Shelve

Custom Kitchen Island and Steel Shelving


Light Fixtures



Project Team: Ted Flato, FAIA, Brian Comeaux, AIA, Bill Aylor, AIA, Karla Greer, AIA, Cody Knop

Chandelier Designed by David Chipperfield and Custom Light Fixtures Designed by Lake Flato, Fabricated by Machine Shop Lighting