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Jonathan Smith

Field Report : Austin Central Library

Posted by on 4/29/16 at 02:13pm

To celebrate the large live oak that was craned up to the 6th floor green roof reading garden at the Austin Central Library today here are some recent images of the construction progress at the Austin Central Library paired alongside the corresponding renderings.

To see previous images click here. The Austin Public Library also has photos here.

Here are a few more fun facts:

Square Feet of Library: 240,000

Date Voters Approved bond: Nov 2006

Size of Revit Model in Megabytes: 450.1

Concrete Cubic Yard Mat Slab Placement: 10,000

Number of Gallons the Rain Water Cistern Can Hold: 373,390


View on Second Street Bridge looking west.


View on Cesar Chavez looking east.

Atrium view looking west.

Atrium view looking east.

  • Yobored_G2

    Wow, I wonder why they decided to bring in a giant live oak instead of just planting one and letting it grow. I saw on that yet another spending increase has been proposed for the library, bringing the total close to $126 million. I just hope that all the little touches(like a live oak tree being hauled onto the 6th floor) end up being worth the money.