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Schematic Design : The Universities at Shady Grove

Posted by on 1/19/15 at 10:43am

Lake Flato’s “Maryland Team” has recently completed Schematic Design for the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Building at the Universities at Shady Grove campus in Rockville, MD. We’ve been collaborating with Cooper Carry out of Atlanta, GA again for our second biomedical lab building (after Georgia Tech’s Engineered Biomedical Building).

The Universities at Shady Grove (USG) is a unique consortium of public universities working to transform higher education through partnership and collaboration—connecting students and faculty from diverse backgrounds to the regional workforce and communities beyond. The USG campus itself has the potential to embody this sense of connectivity by
integrating the built environment with the rich existing human and ecological landscape both on campus and beyond. The new Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Facility (BSE) will thus be a pivotal addition to the heart of the campus, reinforcing and strengthening connections between campus buildings, as well as between buildings and natural landscape, forming an engaging learning experience on multiple levels.

The new architectural vocabulary and character established by this building will help define and strengthen the identity of the Shady Grove campus, creating a magnet of activity that is highly transparent and connected at multiple levels to community and environment. Establishing a highly accessible public space while maintaining a “student-owned” experience, the BSE should be an outer expression of the role of USG in the community as it effectively addresses both the needs of employers and educational needs of new students.

sketch of central atrium experience

tree diagram

early building diagram


process models

process models


DOC151 - Copybuilding facade diagram


2014-10-14_facade studies N

building facade sketches


USG view_east

view of eastern entry



first floor plan sketch


USG_BSE SD Plan_edit

landscape drawing


USG view_aerial


aerial perspective


USG view_west

western entry



atrium sketch



cafe sketch