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Digital Pinup: Evelyn’s Park

Posted by on 11/25/13 at 06:47pm

Located on the site of the former Teas Nursery in Bellaire,Texas, an incorporated city within Houston, Evelyn’s Park aims to serve as “Bellair’s Front Yard;” to be a vibrant and vital amenity for the city. Situated near the edge of the city on Bellaire Blvd, the park is strategically located to help define the entrance and identity of Bellaire as a whole. Lake|Flato has been working closely with the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy and SWA Group, master plan Landscape Architects, to define this identity and create an engaging experience for all ages that strikes a balance between the prominent urban site and surrounding residential neighborhood.  

To that end the architecture attempts to create a strong new identity for the park, while also respecting the history of the site and scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood. An old house once used as an office by Teas Nursery will be reused as a café/restaurant. Along with a mature grove of oak trees, the cafe will anchor the prominent southeast corner of the park. The new event building and office addition to the north defines the eastern edge of the park, will frame the adjacent event lawn, and provide a more intimate setting for gatherings and parties.

To the north, the community building terminates the alley of trees and provides rental space for community events and gatherings. It is conceived of as an open air pavilion that can be closed for privacy and/or comfort on Houston’s humid summer days.

The lake pavilion hovers over the water and provides a shaded spot to launch a boat or watch butterflies.

Taking it’s cues from Houston’s great alleys of oaks, the Travillion is the park’s iconic entry and promenade. It forms the entrance into the great lawn, defines it’s southern edge, and provides the necessary buffer from Bellaire Blvd. Project team includes Andrew Herdeg, Graham Beach, Cotton Estes, Margaret Sledge, Erica Goranson, and Joesph Dugan.


above: site plan

1Cafe Entry 1_dp

above: cafe entry

2Cafe Entry 3_dp

above: cafe entry

3Event Lawn 1_dp

above: event lawn

4Event Lawn 3_dp

above: event lawn

5Community Pavillion 2_dp

above: community pavilion

6Community Pavillion 1_dp

above: community pavilion

7Lake Pavilion 1.2_dp

above: lake pavilion

8Lake Pavilion 1_dp

above: lake pavilion

10-13.11.05_Axon view_dp

above: trevillion axon

11-13.11.05_From Bellaire_daytime_dp

above: perspective-from bellaire

12-13.11.05_Trevillion Walk_dp

above:view along walk

13.11.05_From Bellaire_nighttime_dp

above: trevillion at night