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Digital Pinup: Big House

Posted by on 4/30/13 at 08:11am

The Big House is a design concept for a family ranch near Junction, Texas. The design is meant to contrast with another project located on the property known as the Rock House. Originally conceived of as a Porch House, the addition of program and prolonged factory schedule have allowed it to developed into a site built project. Sited and perched along a bluff with spectacular views to the river and a nearby spring, the design consists of two gabled “bars” and two shed structures. The shed structures would house all of the utilitarian and ranch operations program, while the gable forms share sleeping and public spaces. The two bars separate at a gathering space that is covered by a steel trellis that will serve as a family outdoor dining and barbeque area. Trails and fire pits lead down to the river and ranch favorite swimming holes. The project team includes Bill Aylor, Matt Hlavinka, and Rand Pinson.



above: site views

SITE PLAN_1-50 copy

above: site plan

TANNERSPRING_Solar Diagram copy

above: solar analysis


above: ranch structures and carport


above: entry to main living


above: view of living and porch


above: view of dogrun


above: view of gathering space and trellis

From Across Draw_DP

above: view of the big house