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Digital Pinup: Alamo Brewery

Posted by on 7/23/13 at 08:00am

Lake|Flato Architects is pleased to announce that San Antonio’s own Alamo Beer Company Brewery is on its way.  Located east of highway 281 and just south of the historic Hays Street bridge, the 18,000 square foot brewery is uniquely positioned at the gateway to the Dignowity Hill neighborhood.  In addition to crafting crisp, tasty brews, the project aims to catalyze the city’s growing east side, providing a vibrant destination for locals and visitors alike.

The design organizes and connects the 3 primary programmatic elements:  brewery operations, administrative offices, and beer hall.  The buildings and the existing bridge help define a shady courtyard and public activity zones for all ages. The simple pre-engineered steel structures with rusted metal skins include broad openings that afford glimpses into the brewery operations and allow the indoor occupants to mingle in the central outdoor spaces.

Along with a fully-functional microbrewery, the site will host tours, tastings, a bar and beer garden, as well as a variety of outdoor games and activities.  Here at Lake Flato, we can’t wait for the brewery to break ground this fall! The project team includes Cameron Smith, Greg Papay, Jamie Sartory and Matt Hlavinka


above: vicinity map


above: site plan


above: program diagram


above: view from hays street bridge


above: view from parking


  • Bob

    Thank you for leaving the bridge unmolested. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • not convinced

    How is this supposed to help a lower income east side? Who actually benefits from this, the developer or the residents? It raises property value but doesn’t actually improve the well being of people in the area most of which can’t afford or won’t even be able to work there as the devoloper had promised in the beginning. This isn’t for the bettering of the people its the neighborhood, its to better tourism and devolopers.

    • Greg Papay

      The brewery will provide a variety of employment opportunities for San Antonio – brewing positions, hospitality, office workers, shipping and receiving, trucking – a small business that’s moving into the east side and making a headquarters, lots to like about that!

      It has the potential to spur other development in an area punctuated by vacant lots – those projects bring construction jobs and then jobs servicing the developments, more housing, etc.

      Come on east side, this is a great gift that could have landed anywhere else in the city, but it’s going to be your neighborhood. Alamo Beer will be a good neighbor to you – will you a good neighbor to it? I hope so.

      Greg Papay
      Lake|Flato Architects

    • Corey Leamon

      I understand your concerns in terms of property value, although I think the brewery will be a great addition for residents, and maybe also some tourists, to enjoy. Development is not really something people can stop (and a stagnant neighborhood is not always healthy in any case), but we can always have a voice in the type of development that occurs.

      San Antonio loves to hang out and have a beer, and I think this serves that culture. I’m curious, what kind of development would you prefer to see to activate the neighborhood?

  • get this party started

    Kudos to you for working to try to bring a new business and jobs to the east side; and always being gracious in the face of opposition. At least you are doing SOMEthing. Doing nothing seems to be what your adversaries prefer.

  • Robert Rivard

    Great project. The Eastside is clamoring for locals to move in and invest in this and other near-downtown communities. The worst thing that can happen to the Eastside is continued neglect. This project will serve as a catalyst for many others. It will also add life to a beautiful but usually empty bridge whose shadows have been home to drug dealers. One of their customers was nodding and half passed out on the bridge the other day and hardly stirred when I passed by on my bike.

  • T. Hudec

    Beautiful design! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  • Ryan Tevebaugh

    Keep it up San Antonio!

  • ruby

    Its an amazing idea but the color on this building is looking ugly Dark Brown worn out rustic metal it does not display the beauty of the modern building