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Digital Pin-up: Camana Bay 18 Forum

Posted by on 1/30/13 at 11:55am

“18 Forum” will soon be the newest addition to Camana Bay, a mixed use development on Grand Cayman Island. The 85,000 square foot building will provide office space on the upper floor and retail space at the street level. The building aims to reinforce the general design aesthetics of the town center while adding variety to the town’s overall architectural character. It derives its architectural character from the architecture of the town center, historical Caymanian precedents, the islands climate, available building crafts, and the landscape.

In keeping with the remainder of Camana Bay the building will celebrate its location and climate. Lake|Flato has worked closely with OLIN to create a number of landscaped exterior spaces that encourage a vibrant urban experience. Palm lined sidewalks shade and activate the streets of the town center, a palm bosque in the south courtyard offers a shaded seating area, and an amphitheater lawn will be a great place for movie screenings and community gatherings. The central breezeway frames an inviting entry for office tenants and provides access through the site.

Angled retail bays along the street are colorfully animated to enliven the pedestrian experience and announce their occupants. An extensive shading strategy has been fine-tuned, with the aid of solar studies and energy models, to shield the building from the Cayman sun. Each facade’s shade device responds to its orientation and create playful elements that activate the building facade and announce special conditions such as entries or signature interior spaces.

The design team is comprised of Greg Papay, Graham Beech, Chris Krajcer, Karla Edwards, and Ashley Heeren.

Google Earth Site_dp

above: aerial of site


above: site plan by OLIN


above: northwest perspective


above: south perspective


above: southeast perspective


above: southwest perspective

  • beachiebw

    I’m looking at the shadows and it seems the overhang shades only the top one or two floors. Is that so? If it is, how do you naturally cool the second floor? Thanks for your help.

    • Graham Beach

      Thanks for the question! The shadows are not rendered as dark in some areas in an effort to show some of the detail and color on the facades.

      Shade is a huge component of the environmental strategy. The building’s North facade will be shaded the vast majority of the year by its orientation and the eave of the sloped roof, along with the vertical perforated metal “fin” shade devices at the East and West ends. The windows on all other facades are shaded by individual shade devices, the larger screen on the corners of the building, or by the recessed loggia on the ground floor.