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Craft Call: RAD

Posted by on 4/17/13 at 06:38pm

“Each day I start my morning routine sitting down to breakfast at a RAD table outside under the giant pecan tree. The table’s beautiful craft and obsession to detail are evident even when groggily crunching on my granola.

Ryan Anderson’s work transcends the industrial steel material palette he employs. RAD’s furniture has a lightness and sophistication while still being simple and comfortable. The steel creations are spare and elegant while still being burly enough to stand up to being outdoors in the Texas landscape. Working with Ryan and getting to know his knowledgeable team has been very rewarding. It is exciting to see RAD’s new work and we hope to collaborate more in the future.”

– Jonathan Smith    

LF: Where do you call home?

RA: I currently call Brooklyn home…but my heart seems to remain in Austin!

LF: What led you to your craft?

RA: Architecture School @ UT Austin…specifically, I became obsessed with welding and building stuff while serving as a member of UT’s Solar Decathlon team in 2007.  When I graduated in 2009, there were literally no jobs in architecture, which made the decision to start my own design and fabrication business much easier.  While the decision was easy, the process of building the business has been rather challenging!

LF: What are you working on now?

RA: Right now, we’re focused on building/refining our brand recognition, especially among designers.  We’ve been warmly received by those who have been able to specify our furniture for their projects, as our clean lines and complimentary colors accentuate their designs; while our client-service practices help their days run more smoothly.  Currently, we’re preparing for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC in May, as well as getting ready to take-over a prominent storefront location in Brooklyn for the next 4 months – as a sort of an extended “pop-up” shop.  We’re also working on new designs for a bar stool, as well as a simple steel shelf that ships and installs easily, to be used in residential, retail, and commercial applications.


RAD’s Barbara Stool was featured in Dwell’s April Issue, profiling an amazing green-roof residence in Austin, also a loyal RAD client.  This photo shows Barbara Stools in their three heights.


green-detail-1 Barbara Stool close-up.



RAD was commissioned by Lincoln Motors to provide furniture for their SXSW event in 2013. They proposed that the commissioned work be designed and built with education in mind, and be donated to a local Austin school (Griffin) after the event.



RAD friends on Howard Stools.



RAD friends on Howard Stools.


Howard-Stool-3 Designer Jamie Chioco carrying some stacked Howard Stools.



Howard Stool close-ups.


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