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Jonathan Smith

Travels to Cold Bike Races Pt 1

Posted by on 3/6/13 at 05:50pm

Last month Cameron and I traveled to Louisville Kentucky to attend the Cyclocross World Championships, which were taking place for the first time ever outside of Europe. It was an amazing and very cold time standing course-side in our muddy rubber boots watching the junior’s, women’s, and men’s races. The experience was great to be so close to the athletes; so close in fact that Sven Nys, the newly crowned men’s world champion, splashed mud on Cameron’s jacket. She will never wash it.








  • Nice! I guess Cameron can also not be caught in the rain, lest the mud rinse off.

  • Jonathan Smith

    That is correct. She has to be very careful. In fact her rubber boot was also run over by Canadian Geoff Kabush on his warm up lap; but it was too cold to take the boot off and put it in a lucite display case.