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Sweet Angel Babies aka. the Lake Flatonians aka. Winning without Grace

Posted by on 9/26/13 at 01:21pm
Lake|Flato takes to the kickball diamond.

For the last few weeks a group of Lake Flatonians have been representing the office in the fall season of Downtown Kickball in Hemisfair Park.

On Tuesday night, we were matched up against the undefeated Southtown Deflatables. This game held particular importance to us because the opposing team poached Grace (pictured in sunglasses above) from us at the beginning of the season (we know, its hard when someone offers you a free t-shirt).

In honor of the event we made t-shirts of our own that read: “Winning Without Grace.” Despite some mild poking fun, both teams played with quite a lot of grace. There were great catches and kicks from both sides and we pulled through with a 3-2 victory.

Come down and join us in Hemisfair Park this Tuesday evening or Sunday afternoon for the Downtown Kickball Playoffs. So far we are tied for 4th place with our 2-2 record. But we are confident that we are going to give the league a run for their money as we make a bid for the championship.

  • Sierra Haight

    Ahh yeah! Those are some great looking tee’s.