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Claire Matucheski

Raising Shell

Posted by on 7/22/13 at 08:59am

Cycling is a big part of the culture here at Lake|Flato and yesterday three members of our very own Southtown Strays had their inaugural Shell Ride. Over the past few weeks the Strays have quietly been gaining speed and on Sunday our crew was ready to make its way farther south. It was the first time out for Ashley, Seema, and our photographer Ryan. It was the second ride for Cotton, and approximately the tenth ride for Corey.

The Shell Ride is a right of passage and the typical weekday (and occasional weekend) route for many LF cyclists. We head south from downtown past the San Antonio Missions with the Shell Station being the halfway point on our 25 mile loop. While out on the trail we ran into many other LF cyclists including Cameron Smith, Jonathan Smith, Grackle team captain Rebecca Bruce, and a former LFer Brantley Hightower.

After a speedy (and humid) ride we headed over to MadHatters to refuel. You can bet all of these Strays will be back out on the road soon.

[From left to right: Cotton, Ashley, Seema, Claire, and Corey.]