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Journey of the pennant

Posted by on 10/21/13 at 02:18pm

This past weekend several Lake Flato riders took to the road on the MS 150 along with the rest of the “Grackles”. The following is a slightly different perspective on the ride.


For those of you who remember Claire Matucheski, she is a past LF intern and former 3rd St. Grackle. She is standing between Seema and Corey (second from right) in this picture at the Shell. Claire went off to attend school at the University of Michigan for Graduate studies in August and was not able to return to ride in the MS 150 event which was held over last weekend. I promised Claire if she would send me something appropriate that could represent her I would make sure she crossed the finish line. So, Claire sent this little Michigan pennant with her signature on the back. My goal was to document its travels over the entire MS150 route from start to finish. While these photos don’t quite match the beautiful photographs seen in Ashley’s earlier post of the event, this tells a somewhat unique story.

Ashley and Seema

Claire’s pennant with Ashley and Seema at the starting line on Saturday morning


Self portrait with the pennant

Grackles at lunch

With a flock of “Grackles” at the lunch stop in Sequin

with my PB&J

With my PB&J at the lunch

with map

With the MS 150 map


With my hard earned Century arm band at the end of the day Saturday

Joseph, Melina, Gus

With Joseph Dugan, Melina Pereira and Gus Starkey; three of 11 awesome volunteers at the event who took care of and pampered the riders once they arrived in New Braunfels. Notice Gus’s “Gig-em” sign.


With Siobhan Walsh in New Braunfels after traveling 107 miles in my back pocket

Sunday rain

With Sunday morning rain which brought the pennant’s (and riders) journey to an end.