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Heather Gayle Holdridge

Arizona State University’s Student Health Services Renovation, a joint project between Lake|Flato Architects and orcutt | winslow, officially earned LEED Platinum certification earlier this month. This is the highest certification level available from the U.S. Green Building Council. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

A few themes from greenbuild 2013

Posted by on 12/2/13 at 04:26pm

Last week a few of us traveled to Philadelphia for Greenbuild to learn about the latest trends in sustainable design. The week was full of seminars and product demonstrations and culminated with a keynote by Hillary Clinton and a performance by Bon Jovi. Here are the major takeaways from the week.   We should know what our buildings are made of. The one overarching theme of Greenbuild this year was material transparency.  A building may be beautiful, but is it giving its occupants asthma, or allergies, or cancer?  Click to Read More

Heather Gayle Holdridge

“A growing number of architecture firms are requesting Health Product Declarations from building product manufacturers, and the industry’s response will affect what they specify going forward.” Lake|Flato is proud to be included in this EcoBuilding Pulse article by Katie Weeks.   Click to Read More

jennifer young

In an industry where increased [and necessary] attention is being given to materials – what they are made of and where they come from – Lance Hosey reminds us that there is a third dimension we must not forget about. Read this recent post to consider how the selection of building materials can also be used to promote social equity…and check out the Living Building Challenge’s new program —JUST   Click to Read More

Corey Squire

Why We Ride

Posted by on 10/7/13 at 09:46am

The first time I stepped foot in Lake|Flato was when I interviewed this past March.  After an 8 hour whirlwind tour of the office and the city, I was impressed by the casual office environment and the amazing work on everyone’s computer, but most of all I was impressed by the bicycles. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

LEED AP Project Update

Posted by on 9/30/13 at 01:21pm

  This past July we set a goal for 15 Lake Flatonians to become LEED APs by thanksgiving. Two months later we are happily moving ahead of schedule. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

Ever since Herzog & De Meuron’s  De Yong Museum and Thom Mayne’s  San Francisco Federal Building, perforated sheet metal has been all the rage. There are plenty of strong opinions on the aesthetic merits of perforated metal, but we are more interested in looking at it from a performance standpoint. Specifically, we wanted to know the effects of a perforated metal canopy on the comfort of those sitting below. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

What happens when you drive a metal screw through an insulated wall? It is well known that the assembly U-Value will decrease due to thermal bridging, but over all, how much of an effect can one screw really have? Click to Read More

Claire Matucheski

Austin Urban Apiary

Posted by on 8/5/13 at 07:17pm

Just this year, the W Hotel in Austin became home to its own urban apiary, or collection of beehives. The colonies, which are maintained by the non-profit Central Texas Bee Rescue, are located on the rooftop of the 39th floor where they are expected to produce 100-200 pounds of honey annually. Their hard work is already featured on the hotel’s food and drink menus as well as in the spa. Click to Read More

Claire Matucheski

The 2030 Palette is here- almost

Posted by on 7/22/13 at 07:31pm

The folks over at Architecture 2030 are in the process debuting another great idea: the 2030 Palette. The 2030 Palette is an interactive web platform containing a set of principles and actions for the planning and design of sustainable and resilient buildings and communities worldwide. In other words, it’s a highly organized and interactive tool to help designers learn sustainable practices. The site is full of captivating diagrams and inspiring precedents organized by scale. Click to Read More