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Oklahoma’s May Tornadoes

Posted by on 6/20/13 at 01:38pm

I recently took a trip home and visited some of the sites that were devastated by May’s round of tornadoes. The most talked about tornado struck Moore May 20th, moving about 200 miles per hour and spanning 1.3 miles wide.  The day before, a tornado touched ground in Shawnee.  May 30th and 31st experienced another round of tornadoes which hit Broken Arrow, El Reno and Oklahoma City.  The El Reno tornado was moving at 300 miles per hour and was 2.6 miles wide – the widest tornado recorded in U.S. history. It is a surreal experience to walk around the aftermath of these huge storms.  The disaster has lead to heated discussions about how to make sure affordable storm shelters can be available to residents.  There is currently a 6 month backlog for storm shelters in Oklahoma (which start around $2,500). If you would like to help the cleanup/recovery effort, the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, AmeriCares, Operation USA and Feed the Children have all been working hard to help our friends in Oklahoma.     Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Cradle of Liberty Inspiration

Posted by on 6/12/13 at 05:31pm

Recently the library team visited our joint venture partner Shepley Bulfinch’s office in Boston. When not hard at work on the Austin Public Library we were able to briefly take in some of Boston including the MIT chapel, Boston Public Library, and Fenway.  Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

Arne Quinze : Recent Work

Posted by on 5/30/13 at 09:53am

Belgian artist Arne Quinze will be lecturing at the San Antonio Museum of Art on Tuesday, June 4 at 7pm, discussing his body of work and his new connection to our city. Quinze creates large-scale installations that promote and provoke interaction and social activity in public environments. The lecture is brought to you by SAMA and the San Antonio River Foundation. Click here for more information. Click to Read More

Corey Leamon

Reinvigorating Our Coastline

Posted by on 5/27/13 at 11:16am

The Texas Coast is no stranger to the beatings of nature. The warm, shallow waters of the Gulf Coast make it primal territory for hurricanes to form and gain power. While the most recent coastal devastation was Hurricane Ike in 2008, rebuilding towns can take a decade or more. What Texans have seen instead is an increase in tropical storms and hurricanes, fickle industries, and a an abandonment of coastal areas. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Smitty’s Market BBQ

Posted by on 5/19/13 at 03:58pm

A group from the office recently ventured 70 miles North East of San Antonio to Lockhart to eat the legendary BBQ at Smitty’s Market and to take in the unique atmosphere and intoxicating smoke. Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Sky Space

Posted by on 5/10/13 at 08:00am

If you are in Houston, make sure you make the trip over to Rice University’s campus for James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace. I was fortunate enough to make it over while visiting Houston on a project visit and was able to capture some of the show and see the structure’s design, which was quite fantastic. The architects were Thomas Phifer and Partners in conjunction with James Turrell and Linebeck. I encourage any interested to reserve a spot through the website. Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

Paris, Spring 2013

Posted by on 4/29/13 at 07:51am

Matt and I recently got back from a trip to Paris where I got to play for a whopping ten days. Some folks here have asked for some recommendations, so here’s a roundup of places that I loved seeing – the list is split between tourist sightseeing and local highlights. If Paris is a little too far away for you, we went to a few places that, believe it or not, reminded us of San Antonio (I know). So wherever you are, grab a baguette (or taco) and put on those rose-colored glasses. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Ode to the Roadcut

Posted by on 4/15/13 at 07:41am

Roadcut n. A cut through a hill or mountain for the purposes of building infrastructure through it, rather than over it. I’m not the only member of my family fascinated by roadcuts. On family car trips growing up, my father would stop at roadcuts to scour them for fossils. Sometimes he would successfully return to the car with multi-million year old sea urchins or shark teeth; other times only with disappointment that the formation he was seeking had disappeared under the asphalt at the preceding mile marker.  Click to Read More

Ashley Heeren

Louisville Kentucky

Posted by on 4/11/13 at 02:28pm

Lake|Flato is fortunate to have work at amazing sites around the country (and beyond), and so our project teams often get to bring home wonderful new experiences and discoveries about places, whether visiting for the first time or revisiting them in greater depth. As one of those lucky traveling project teams, Matt Morris and I recently gained a fresh fondness for Louisville, the site of an independent school for which we developed a master plan over the past few months (we’ll blog about the actual design work in a future post—this post is for bourbon, bats, bridges and the derby!). Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Birthplace of the Blues

Posted by on 4/4/13 at 08:41am

I made a recent trip to Clarksdale, Mississippi to stay at the Shack Up Inn and listen to the Blues in the old juke joints in the famed Mississippi Delta. Nearby are the building remnants of Dockery Farms, where over four hundred african-american and sharecropper families worked in the cotton fields. After a hard days work, some would gather to give birth to the Delta Blues. Click to Read More