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Vicki Yuan

LF Represented at TEDxSan Antonio 2013

Posted by on 10/18/13 at 12:19pm

Last Saturday, the fourth annual TEDxSan Antonio was held at the Rackspace Global Headquarters. I learned during the introduction that Rackspace has been webhosting since its inception, so it was the perfect venue to host the live conference. The locally organized TEDx committee, charged with curating “Ideas Worth Spreading”, Click to Read More


Chicago in July

Posted by on 9/24/13 at 04:11pm

This July my wife Peggy and I spent a few days in the Chicago area. Most notable about our trip was a visit to a few museums, a delightful Italian Restaurant near Michigan Avenue and several Frank Lloyd prairie style houses in Oak Park. The highlight of the trip was a tour of the Frederick C. Robie House in Hyde Park. Click to Read More

Josh Nieves

The Lick List

Posted by on 9/24/13 at 01:31pm

Ever feel so compelled by the experience of a building that you felt the need to lick it just to have a more complete experience of it?  Me neither- that is until I read “The Eyes of the skin” by Juhani Pallasamaa. This book convinced me to begin the practice of licking buildings that were of a particular caliber. For example, some of the buildings my tongue Click to Read More

Philip Chan

Capturing Reality with New Technology

Posted by on 8/28/13 at 01:02pm

I have been playing with a new technology that could change how we visualize our built environment. It is called ReCap Photo. This is an online image based modeling tool that is currently offered by Autodesk for free. The idea is very simple. You take a series of images around an object or a building, upload the images via the website, using the cloud computing technology and the images will be converted to a 3 dimensional object for you. Click to Read More


Bat Tales

Posted by on 8/9/13 at 09:57am

Last weekend several of us had the unique opportunity to witness, as guests with EarthShare of Texas, the nightly feeding exodus of Mexican Freetail bats from their roost at Bracken Cave. Located just north of our home base in San Antonio, the cave is managed by Bat Conservation International, a wonderful group working to educate people and protect bats. Lake|Flato is a proud contributor to the EarthShare of Texas workplace giving program, which in turn benefits hundreds of local conservation efforts like BCI.  Click to Read More

David Ericsson

Lessons from Zumthor

Posted by on 8/5/13 at 02:37pm

This past June I had the chance to visit three works completed by Peter Zumthor. Each building provided  insight into Zumthor’s care for construction and material,  choreographing sequence, and the design of the aperture. Below are lessons learned from each of these buildings. Click to Read More

Greg Papay
Model X - Very Cool

For those who are unaware (no one who knows me, that’s for sure) our family bought a Tesla Model S about 7 months ago. It is a spectacular car, simply a better driving experience, a complete and transcendent shift in how a car operates and interacts with its clients. If you want a test drive, just ask me to lunch…however you’d better block out a few hours! Click to Read More

Claire Matucheski

LEED Platinum in Leon Springs

Posted by on 7/30/13 at 09:49am

Last week our Leon Springs Residence was featured on Jetson Green, a website focusing on sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. The LEED Platinum home features many sustainable features namely a 17,000-gallon rainwater catchment system which meets 100% of the home’s potable water needs. Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

The next PechaKucha Night is coming soon to a theatre near you….the Josephine to be specific. It’s happening on Tuesday, August 27th, and you know the drill – come early for a good seat.  Little known Lake|Flato factoid: Our very own Robert Trinidad met his wife Cynthia at….the Josephine Theatre! Click to Read More

Seema Kairam

Destination: Lake Flato

Posted by on 6/28/13 at 08:59am

There is always some portion of my brain that is constantly spinning, trying to find opportunities for a good road trip. So after I accepted the job at Lake|Flato, my first thought was, which route are we going to drive?  Click to Read More