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Brantley Hightower

Architecture May Be Cool…

Posted by on 11/17/11 at 01:30am

…but spaceflight is still much, much cooler. If you have any interest in making a career change to become an astronaut, NASA is hiring. Unfortunately you need a background in engineering so Heather is the only person in the office who would be eligible. Click to Read More


Watercolors from the Island

Posted by on 11/16/11 at 02:30pm

I feel like sharing a few watercolor sketches from my recent travels to the island of Maui, Hawaii. For those who dont know, Maui is the second largest and second youngest in the string of islands of Hawaii with the island of Hawaii being the youngest, largest and with the most volcanic activity. This island is probably the most diverse ecosystem I have ever seen. Only about 50 miles long from tip to tip it has two volcanos with the dormant Halleakela Click to Read More

Sam H. Pepper

Night School, Volume 1: Minimum

Posted by on 11/4/11 at 12:48pm

Is this the next big thing? Yesterday evening a large group gathered in an empty apartment unit in Southtown to mark the beginning of NightSchool. The objective: to broaden our knowledge of subjects removed from our regular routines and through discussion better understand one another. Food and drink play a significant role—members must provide something for everyone else to enjoy. Each month, a different member hosts Night School and Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

TSA Sessions by Lake Flatonians

Posted by on 11/4/11 at 09:57am

At the recent Texas Society of Architects annual convention in Dallas, four people from Lake Flato presented sessions on an array of topics. Here’s a look at what they covered: Click to Read More

New Precedent!

Posted by on 10/27/11 at 07:25am

Look out, we’ve got some new forms coming your way! Lake/Flato Architects is known for using traditional vernacular forms as a basis for its body of regionally-specific, yet modern, architecture. Click to Read More

Brantley Hightower

So a couple of weeks ago I made a trip up to Detroit to photograph a project. There aren’t too many flight options to there from San Antonio and so I had the choice of getting there too early or too late. I chose the first option and used the extra time I had to go on a side trip down to Toledo. I wanted to see the new Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art and knew I probably wasn’t going to have any other reason to visit Toledo unless I made a special trip. Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

The McNeel Home in the Express News

Posted by on 9/25/11 at 07:30am

The San Antonio Express-News featured Lewis and Bekah’s home in Sunday’s Real Estate section. The article describes their process of remodeling and commitment to living close to downtown in the historic Dignowity Hill neighborhood. Check out the article and photos of their hip pad here. Click to Read More