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Brandi Rickels

Show-CASE-ing LF Independent Schools

Posted by on 2/6/12 at 01:30am

Today and tomorrow, Greg and Robert H. are in San Francisco attending the CASE-NAIS conference for independent schools.  The conference is geared toward the development directors of schools.  Not only are they promoting the inspirational design of our various school projects, like Cranbrook Kingswood, Sunshine Cottage and Francis Parker, but they are also highlighting the front-end services that we provide to our clients:  programming, Click to Read More

Corey Leamon

Lizzie Marrin Sums Up Office Atmosphere

Posted by on 1/19/12 at 06:00pm

What a week it has been at Lake|Flato! Nearly the entire office was recruited to put together five interviews for projects across the country, and needless to say, it has been a creative whirlwind. It’s exhilarating to be competing for many great projects with excellent collaboration, and the ideas have been flowing out… in every direction and on every surface. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the process behind Lake|Flato Architects! Click to Read More

Corey Leamon

Textures of Lake|Flato

Posted by on 12/9/11 at 11:30am

In late October, some Lake|Flatonians took the weekend to visit our ranches around the state of Texas. For many, these projects were new experiences and ways to explore materiality, application and construction. Tactile textures and palettes are important parts of how we interact with structure; what do you think of how Lake|Flato approaches these details of architectural design? Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

Do You Know These Famous People?

Posted by on 12/7/11 at 10:25am

Brian and Karla were recently in New York to represent Lake Flato at this year’s New AD 100 event. Architectural Digest publishes their ‘New AD 100’ list of top talents in architecture and interiors that “represent a fellowship of trailblazers and standard-bearers whose work is imaginative, intelligent, and inspiring.” Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

AU Session, Diagrams Directly from Revit

Posted by on 11/30/11 at 12:00pm

Philip and I are learning lots at Autodesk University… Here’s a glimpse at this morning’s lab exercise to make graphic diagrams directly from Revit: Click to Read More

jennifer young

Lessons Learned on a LEED Platinum Home

Posted by on 11/22/11 at 11:00am

At the TSA Convention this year I was one of the presenters in a session called Lessons Learned on Two LEED Platinum Homes. This short document highlights a few key lessons from this LEED Platinum Home Click to Read More

jennifer young

Practicing Construction Waste Management

Posted by on 11/21/11 at 11:11am

We hired Greenstone Industries of San Antonio to manage the construction waste on one of our residential projects that received LEED Platinum certification last year. By doing so, we diverted 88% of construction waste from the landfill. The other amazing part is that this service cost a third less than a typical dumpster service which would have delivered 100% to the landfill. Greenstone built these recycle bins from old pallets to separate the different kinds of waste. Click to Read More

Heather Gayle Holdridge

That’s why it’s important to start the energy model early. We have developed a process for creating an early-stage energy model using very basic, conceptual information about a design. We call it an “energy snapshot.” The project manager fills out this spreadsheet about their project and sends it to me: Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

We completed the schematic design for the store which will open before thanksgiving and HEB’s team took it through construction documents. The 70,000 sf store is located in the Montrose neighborhood near the Menil Collection. The design fits into the chic surroundings while preserving the large live oak trees on site. Photos of the store can be found here. Experience the store and shop at 1716 West Alabama Street Houston, TX. Click to Read More

Ranches + Ribs

Posted by on 10/18/11 at 04:30am

It’s field trip time! Lake|Flato will be headed to North Texas this weekend for a “Ranches and Ribs” themed office field trip. Check out a few of the Lake|Flato projects that we will be stopping at along the way: Cutting Horse Ranch, Cross Timbers Ranch, Air Barns.   Click to Read More