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Lewis McNeel

Congratulations to the Knox project team for delivering the first newly constructed campus facility since the early 70’s and important part of the Knox College commitment to liberal arts education. Click to Read More

Sunnie Diaz

How Will Confluence Park Be Constructed?

Posted by on 3/1/17 at 04:53pm
View of Pavilion from South Plaza

Lake|Flato’s collaboration with the San Antonio River Foundation (SARF), Rialto Studio, Andrew Kudless of Matsys, Architectural Engineers Collaborative (AEC), CNG Engineers, and Spawglass Contractors has magically evolved the vision of Confluence Park into a pavilion that responds to and enhances the surrounding natural environment. While capturing and treating its own water, the petals of the pavilion at Confluence Park are meant to inspire its occupants and offer an interactive learning experience about the San Antonio River and its watershed. Click to Read More

Lewis McNeel

I recently attended the groundbreaking for Treehouse’s new Dallas store. A year ago I knew I was in for a fun project when TreeHouse’s CEO Jason Ballard asked us to produce “the most beautiful store in the world,” and then asked us for the world’s first net zero energy big box retail building, and then gave us some new Tesla technology to help make it all happen. Treehouse Inc., also dubbed Home Depot for Hipsters, is on a serious mission to make some wonderful things happen in the world. They are a home improvement store that sells quality, sustainable building materials which support human and ecosystem health. With their home base in Austin, Texas, TreeHouse provides education on strategies for saving water, energy and costs by focusing on health and ecology. These programs help to build smarter homes and smarter homeowners that engage in environmental stewardship as part of their everyday lives. The TreeHouse Dallas store’s overarching goal of net-zero energy has shaped every step of this project. Our architectural and engineering team collaborated with TreeHouse through a fully integrated design process. We began by tracking the energy use of the existing Austin store as Click to Read More Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Field Report : Austin Central Library

Posted by on 4/29/16 at 02:13pm

To celebrate the large live oak that was craned up to the 6th floor green roof reading garden at the Austin Central Library today here are some recent images of the construction progress at the Austin Central Library paired alongside the corresponding renderings. Click to Read More

Brandi Rickels

Field Report: Indian Springs School

Posted by on 4/22/15 at 10:24am

Located on 350 acres in the wooded hills south of Birmingham, Alabama, the Indian Springs School is an independent day and boarding school serving grades 8-12. In 2012, the school engaged Lake|Flato and local architect, ArchitectureWorks, in a master planning effort to transform and invigorate the campus originally designed by the Olmstead Brothers in 1950. The master plan includes new structures for Classrooms, Visual Arts, a Dining Hall, and Administration that are part of a three phase “Springs Eternal” campaign. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Field Report: Austin Central Library

Posted by on 4/20/15 at 04:07pm

The office visited the Austin Central Library construction site on Friday as part of our ongoing Know|How series. We were able take a look at the exposed concrete and steel structure as well as experience ‘Austin’s new living room’ the large atrium space at the heart of the building.  As of Friday the concrete superstructure is in place and the steel roof structure is going up. The large 125’ long main roof trusses are slated to be craned into place in the next week or so. Click to Read More

Corey Squire

The Josey Pavilion, our first project seeking Living Building Challenge certification, began its operational phase on October 1st and things are looking good. During the month of October, Josey Consumed 139 kWh of electricity and generated 358 kWh. This is net positive usage of 219 kWh, meaning that 219 kWh of energy were sent back into the grid. Josey generated about 25% less energy than predicted, which is a little disconcerting but it also used less than half the energy that we had anticipated. A few more months like this and we should be in the clear.   Click to Read More

Corey Squire

Construction has finished, the air quality has been tested, and the monitoring systems are up and running. Today, The Josey Pavilion begins its one year operation phase to prove that it generates 100% of its energy and purifies 100% of its water. If all goes as designed, next year The Josey Pavilion will join the world’s most exclusive club of high performance buildings, Certified Living Building. Click to Read More

Ashley Heeren

Last weekend, a team of LFers enjoyed getting their hands dirty in the great outdoors–we put a roof on a dance hall. And we have a time-lapse video to prove it (cast your vote for the carpenter)! Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

Field Report: Epoch Ascension Winery

Posted by on 8/4/14 at 09:01am

In a mad dash to meet 2014 harvest this August (that’s this month), the progress of construction on the Epoch Ascension Winery has been nothing but fast and furious, with no compromise to a mighty fine level of craftsmanship.  The new winery compound nestles into a hilly site covered in live oak trees; a series of galvanized steel-framed pavilions prominently stand in the foreground while a subterranean level of concrete barrel aging rooms lies under the hillside.
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