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Seema Kairam

Blast From the Past

Posted by on 8/31/15 at 08:01am

A few weeks back we had another edition of our office show-and-tell, 3x6x9. This time we asked some vetern LF’ers to present their favorite Lake Flato projects from the early years. We heard a lot of great stories about clients, contractors and office antics. We learned about some projects that were not only formative for the trajectory of the firm but also individual colleagues (for example, Laura did a study of the Carraro house in grad school, which she explained transformed how she conceived of the single family home). Click to Read More

Seema Kairam

Porch House

Posted by on 7/17/15 at 09:25am

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of Rand Pinson’s departure, we held a little in-house Porch House showcase. As someone who works in the land of 50,000+ sq ft commercial projects, it was a great opportunity for me to get a little insight into projects that are generally closer in scale to 5,000 sq ft. I learned a little history and a lot about the evolution of an idea. Porch House was started in the height of the recession, with the vision to create pre-fabricated residential homes, that could be assembled in the factory, and delivered to the site fully built. Miller Ranch, one of the first realized Porch Houses, was trucked to the site fully formed. 
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Cecelia Smith


Posted by on 5/14/15 at 10:42am

The San Antonio River Foundation Confluence Park provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the ecology of the South Texas region, demonstrate the value of our natural resources, and foster environmental stewardship in a traditionally underserved area adjoining the San Antonio River. With education as its core purpose, Confluence can be understood as an intricate teaching tool that will inspire people to become more involved with the river, practice environmental stewardship, and gain a greater understanding of Texas ecotypes. Click to Read More


Lake Flato’s “Maryland Team” has recently completed Schematic Design for the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Building at the Universities at Shady Grove campus in Rockville, MD. We’ve been collaborating with Cooper Carry out of Atlanta, GA again for our second biomedical lab building (after Georgia Tech’s Engineered Biomedical Building). Click to Read More

Seema Kairam


Posted by on 1/9/15 at 05:50pm

For some at Lake|Flato, the end of 2014 meant wrapping up design documents for the new headquarters building for IDEA Public Schools located in Weslaco, Texas. We are very excited to break ground on construction over the next few weeks.
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Rand Pinson


Posted by on 5/6/14 at 12:15pm

  Located near the historic town center of Carversville, this Pennsylvania farmhouse takes a modern approach to the agricultural vernacular of the region. A simple palette of wood and metal-clad gables and sheds are arranged with strong connections to the landscape and create a variety of social spaces, both indoors and out. Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Digital Pinup: Evelyn’s Park

Posted by on 11/25/13 at 06:47pm

Located on the site of the former Teas Nursery in Bellaire,Texas, an incorporated city within Houston, Evelyn’s Park aims to serve as “Bellair’s Front Yard;” to be a vibrant and vital amenity for the city. Situated near the edge of the city on Bellaire Blvd, the park is strategically located to help define the entrance and identity of Bellaire as a whole. Lake|Flato has been working closely with the Evelyn’s Park Conservancy and SWA Group, master plan Landscape Architects, to define this identity and create an engaging experience for all ages that strikes a balance between the prominent urban site and surrounding residential neighborhood.   Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Digital Pinup: Bridge House

Posted by on 10/28/13 at 11:16am

The Bridge House is a primary residence for a family in Houston, Texas.  The original house on the property was built in the 1930’s and underwent a series of additions throughout the years.  The house is very large and inefficient for a single family, so the client approached us to design a new house that would be more open, well-connected, and environmentally responsible. Click to Read More

Rand Pinson

Digital Pinup: South Boulevard Apartments

Posted by on 10/3/13 at 08:28am

Lake|Flato has been hard at work designing the South Boulevard Apartments in south-east Houston. The clients were looking to offer a more urban, higher-density, housing option to the neighborhood. Thus, the project will divide 30,000 square feet of boutique apartment and amenity space among 4 buildings throughout the site. It will include a mix of one and two bedroom units. Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Large civic projects like the Austin Central Library take a great deal of time and effort by a large number of team members. The process, much like we intend the the final product to be, is a mix of the best of digital and analog technologies available. Click to Read More