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Betsy Johnson

Last Thursday night Lake|Flato helped facilitate a Citywide Collaborative Session for the new San Antonio Children’s Museum. We found the event to be a joy and success, and would like to share the process behind it. Prior to the charrette, we brainstormed with the museum staff to come up with a few different activities that would be fun and engaging for attendees. With about 70 people participating, the crowd split into groups of 8-10 at round tables and took Click to Read More

Greg Papay

Revenge of the Electric Car

Posted by on 3/28/12 at 06:00pm

The Papays took KLRN up on their offer for free tickets to watch the movie ‘The Revenge of the Electric Car’ last night at the LOL Comedy Club. Somewhere around 150 EV fans packed the floor to watch the movie and hear discussion from industry reps. The movie chronicles the path of four groups trying to break ground in the EV world, from GM down to a custom shop in southern California. I’m not sure the rest of the Papays we’re loving it, Click to Read More

Sam H. Pepper

SXSX 2012 Report

Posted by on 3/19/12 at 12:58pm

There is no way to prepare for South By Southwest. Each year the world famous music, film and interactive festival utterly transforms the city of Austin. For two weeks, the city is truly the cultural epicenter of the (western) world. Being so close, many a Lake Flatonian endured the traffic on I-35 to migrate North in the hope of perhaps catching a glimpse of the next breakthrough act, or at least enjoying some free tacos. Click to Read More

Robert Hoang

Perspectives on San Antonio

Posted by on 3/15/12 at 07:15am

A commentary by a former Lake Flatonian and a response by a native San Antonioan in the Rivard Report made me think of my own feelings towards my adopted city of San Antonio. As a newcomer to the city, I have my “challenges’ with the lack of density, the suburbansprawl, big truck culture, food/grocery options and a certain levels of convenience I was accustomed to in Portland. However, on the flip side, this city has (at least) three advantages: 1. Amaziing life! It has a vibrancy, creativity and “folksy” friendliness that is so much at the core of this place. From the  store clerks to the people you meet on the streets, the positive vibe of the citizens here is quite infectious. I hope as the city grows that this does not get lost. 2. Development in the core. Working downtown I can see the evolution of the city right before my eyes. The development around the city (the River extension, Pearl, Southtown, etc.) will have a significant and positive impact on the livability quotient of San Antonio.The bike share program, which I recently signed up for,  is quite a success and seems to be expanding . 3. Leadership. Click to Read More Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

For those of you that missed their presentations at PechaKucha San Antonio back in November, Jennifer Young presented her exquisite jewelry designs and Jonathan Smith teamed up with Express News reporter Colin McDonald to relive their 150-mile trek through the Chihuahuan Desert. Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

Notes from TEDxAustin 2012

Posted by on 2/24/12 at 03:52pm

This past Saturday, I attended the annual TEDxAustin 2012 conference, and while I was initially put off by the application process (it’s pretty rare in my book to curate an audience), I was BLOWN AWAY by the bold ideas and positive energy that surrounded me. TED is the exclusive organization that celebrates “Ideas Worth Spreading”, whose viral videos understandably set my expectations high for this regional event. Adding to the mystery, Click to Read More

Rebecca Bruce

Valentine Texas

Posted by on 2/14/12 at 10:33am

Happy Valentine’s Day! Head out to West Texas to send your valentines from Valentine TX… Click to Read More

David Lake

BEYOND LEED REGENERATIVE DESIGN: A SYMPOSIUM JANUARY 27 + 28, 2012   Friday, January 27, 2012 Beyond LEED Session   Beyond LEED.   EVOLVED.   Following previous discussions with Bob Harris (Lake|Flato) and Bob Berkebile (BNIM), a few questions kept coming to mind: Why aren’t there more living buildings? Why are they NOT being pursued, built and dreamt about? Click to Read More

Robert Hoang

Better Block

Posted by on 1/30/12 at 12:30pm

This is a great movement and organization. The recent meeting in San Antonio drew quite a few people. It would be amazing to green the space around our office. Better Block The video below talks about creating a living plaza in Dallas. Living Plaza – Dallas, TX from Aaron Garcia on Vimeo. Click to Read More

Sam H. Pepper

Restaurant Review: Cakery Bakery

Posted by on 1/19/12 at 12:55pm

Every city needs a great downtown sandwich shop. Forbes magazine (and others) claimed recently that San Antonio has one of the best downtowns in the country. While this was a questionable decision at best (likely informed by the thousands of tourists happily teetering along the riverwalk every night) there are highlights to the center of San Antonio. Want proof? Go to The Cakery Bakery. Click to Read More