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Adam Heisserer

Park(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event in which artists, designers, and citizens transform metered parking spaces into temporary urban parks for a day. The activity is designed to call attention to the need for more urban open space, and to generate debate about how public space is allocated, managed, and used. This year, Lake Flato designed and built a kinetic bus shelter prototype as one of the seven pop-up parks in front of 1221 Broadway. Click to Read More

Claire Fontaine

Don’t Go Chasing Rockslides

Posted by on 12/2/15 at 10:12am

And there we were… huddled behind a gigantic boulder, shivering, wet, and terrified. This was sure to be the end.  It was unbelievable how quickly the status of our trip had changed. One moment we were experiencing a blissful July 4th afternoon on the Rio Grande, the next we were sitting silently imagining the tragic headlines that might follow our demise: “8 Lake|Flato Employees Die a Catastrophic Death at Big Bend.” Or at least I was. Click to Read More

John Schaffhauser

As I have begun my professional career at Lake|Flato by administrating the construction of one of the largest and most complex projects in our firm’s history, I find that it is both entertaining and necessary to share what it has been like for a young designer to jump from the pond of architecture school into the deepest ocean of architectural reality. Click to Read More

Justin Ford
From left to right: Josh Leger, Josh Lamden, Josh Nieves

A peculiar but welcome phenomenon exists at Lake|Flato: We are home to the highest concentration of architectural interns named “Josh” in the City of San Antonio. I sat down with Josh Nieves, Josh Leger, and Josh Lamden (also known around here as J1, J2, and J3, respectively) to talk about their experiences as interns at Lake|Flato. Read on to find out what other similarities (and differences) exist between this trio. Click to Read More


The San Antonio Children’s Museum team recently had the opportunity to review the building construction progress with a group of UTSA architecture students. The class of soon-to-be graduates are completing their professional practice curriculum, and as part of the class, they were able to tour the site during an exciting phase of the project’s construction. Click to Read More

Seema Kairam

This past Sunday was a very important day for a few Lake Flatonians, it was the Downtown Kickball League 2014 Spring Championships. And boy was it a success! In the regular season we were 6-1, losing only to the undefeated Southtown Deflatables. After clinching our spot in the final four earlier in the week, we arrived at the field on Sunday cautiously optimistic about our chances to take home the coveted Samba-topped trophy.
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Robert Hoang

For the Love of Books and Landscapes

Posted by on 4/1/14 at 08:06am

The upcoming San Antonio Book Festival is anticipating a huge turn out of bookworms of all ages and nearly 100 authors that will be celebrating literary culture and our mutual love of books! The eclectic mix of national, regional and local writers add to the broad offerings that should satisfy any interest. The Downtown Alliance just named the San Antonio Book Click to Read More

Jonathan Smith

Monsters of Design Visit Lake Flato

Posted by on 3/5/14 at 04:55pm

Last week Vicki, Grace and I were jurors for the AIA Kansas City Young Architects Forum 2014 Monsters of Design Awards. It is ‘an annual design competition for young architects and designers in or around the Kansas City metro area’ and part of Kansas City Design Week.  Click to Read More

Matthew Wallace
Margaret Sledge

Green Schools Challenge

Posted by on 1/5/14 at 05:02pm

This past September, the Central Texas Balcones chapter of the US Green Building Council kicked off its first year of the Green Schools Challenge. The 2013-2014 afterschool program, based on the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools curriculum, engages 4th and 5th graders in green building practices by guiding them through a process of measuring their school campus, designing a project to improve their school, and evaluating the outcome of their project.
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