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Better Know an LFer: Oliver Adamson

Posted by on 6/13/13 at 04:40pm

“While some may be intimidated by Oli’s tattoos or his silent demeanor, his British accent or the way he effortlessly pulls off a pair of new cowboy boots with skinny jeans, we here at Lake|Flato found him to be one of the nicest guys on the planet. We gave him the nickname “sweet angel baby”, and named our kickball team after him. Oli has always been Click to Read More


Fresh Faces at Lake|Flato

Posted by on 5/30/13 at 11:08am

Introducing the two recent additions to our crop of interns, Clay Cottingham and Joseph Dugan! Clay is originally from Panama City, Florida, where he discovered his love of hunting, camping and pretty much all things outdoors including spearfishing! He has one more year Click to Read More


Better Know an LFer: Mindy Gudzinski

Posted by on 5/15/13 at 08:53am

“I may start calling her Mindy Matryoshka because just when you think you have her figured out, out comes another layer of talents and experience that you are convinced should belong to a whole nother person – she’s a Canadian farm girl, community mural artist, stellar cake baker, rock star architect, acclaimed speaker, and I am not sure what else…oh ya, an incredible and beautiful friend! I highly recommend getting to know her, especially if you have a birthday coming up!”  –Laura Kaupp   Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Matthew Hlavinka

Posted by on 4/12/13 at 10:00am

“Don’t let Matthew’s quietness fool you, it must be osmosis from Bill and Rand. His sharp eye for detail and strong graphic sensibility are equally balanced by his smart questions and wonderful attitude. I also love his last name, just say it: Hlavinka!” – Vicki Yuan Click to Read More


new lfers add geographical diversity

Posted by on 4/8/13 at 12:53pm

We’d like to welcome our two most recent transplants, Megan Toma and Cotton Estes! Megan joins us from North Carolina, where she received her Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from North Caronlina State University. She loves horses – riding, show jumping, and competing when she has the time. Click to Read More


Better Know an LFer: Sameer Rayyan

Posted by on 3/22/13 at 01:32pm

Early on I couldn’t get Sameer’s name quite right. Sameer Rayyan, who I initially thought was Ryan Sameer, worked with me on several developer projects last Fall. Our client, Mark Tolley, would refer to him as my Savent (a person of profound or extensive learning; or learned scholar) – He worked day and night on projects such as the Peanut Factory and Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Jamie Sartory

Posted by on 3/7/13 at 09:00am

“Jamie’s spirit animal is the Rabbit: she is good-natured, alert, and spontaneous.  While landing a magnificent triple Salchow as a girl, Jamie made the brash decision that an easy road to celebrity via sequins and eyeshadow was not for her. The daughter of a culinary guru, Jamie learned to trust her taste and intuition, elevating the lowliest hoagie to haute Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Patrick Burnham

Posted by on 2/20/13 at 02:58pm

Patrick joined Lake Flato destined to be “The” Georgia Tech intern, and the 220,000 sq. ft. lab building has kept him busy. His influence on the building is immediately visible; Patrick is responsible for the three story frit pattern on the building’s north façade.  Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er : Matt Morris

Posted by on 2/1/13 at 08:00am

“Every morning without fail Mr. Morris brightens our day as he strolls through the studio and greets each of us with a smile, a “Good Morning!”  and “How are you today?” .  He is Click to Read More


LF Ropes Another Longhorn

Posted by on 1/14/13 at 06:16pm

Introducing our newest intern, Hellen Awino! Hellen is taking a semester off from UT Austin to join the Lake Flato family. Originally from Nakuru, Kenya, Hellen has since Click to Read More