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New Year, New Hires

Posted by on 1/27/14 at 05:10pm

The beginning of the year has brought new talent to the office: Casey Nelson and June Jung. Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Denise DeLeon

Posted by on 1/15/14 at 09:56am

“Pick any firm in the country and there is a single person that just knows where everything lives, someone essential to the continuity and culture of the office, a keymaster of sorts. At LF this is Denise. Known by many nicknames (perhaps mostly to me), like “Double D”, “short stack”, “Sugar”, etc, she is the mapmaker for all historical and cultural information; Click to Read More



Posted by on 10/22/13 at 08:00am

“I knew David and I would become good friends when I heard his answer to an intro question at his first office meeting: “What is your favorite color?” The answer, of course, is gray. Jump ahead a few months and we found ourselves working together on the same project, and jump ahead a few years, now after his return from grad school, and I’m lucky Click to Read More



Posted by on 9/5/13 at 11:00am

“Awino. A name that has something to do with an umbilical cord wrapped around somebody’s neck at birth, but not at her neck… maybe it was her dad’s? It’s hard to keep all her stories straight, but I sure did enjoy listening to them while working with her over the last 8 months. I knew as soon as I started giving her random tasks that Hellen with two l’s was smart and talented enough to tackled anything that I threw her way, but what really made her a pleasure to work with was her wonderful attitude and glowing smile that we all came to love.   Click to Read More


Meet Our Newest Project Director

Posted by on 9/3/13 at 01:57pm

We’re happy to introduce our newest Project Director, Michael Britt. Before joining us in San Antonio, Michael worked in Charlottesville where he also attended the University of Virginia for his M.Arch. He was a project manager for EcoMod, affordable and sustainable housing, which was recently featured in Architect Magazine Click to Read More


Two-stepping into Texas

Posted by on 8/14/13 at 04:49pm

Our newest interns are joining us just in time for Flake Lato this weekend, where they’ll get to know their fellow LFers really well and in a short amount of time. Here’s what we know about our newest recruits so far: Click to Read More



Posted by on 7/24/13 at 08:35am

We have a couple new faces – and one familiar – that joined the office this month as part of our full-time architectural staff. Click to Read More


Summer Newbies

Posted by on 7/3/13 at 01:20pm

We are pleased to introduce four new L|Fer’s who come to us from across the country. Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Corey Leamon

Posted by on 6/21/13 at 08:30am

Corey Baby  by David Lake (Loosely inspired by Sherry, The Four Seasons) Click to Read More


East Coasters Invade L|F

Posted by on 6/20/13 at 09:39am

We’d like to introduce two new LFers who have just completed their first two weeks! Josh Nieves, our newest student intern, and Rob Lingo, our newest intern architect, are helping out our residential studio.  Click to Read More