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Matthew Wallace

“As far as desk neighbors go, Phil is one of the worst.
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Casey Nelson

Four New L|F’ers

Posted by on 6/30/14 at 02:14pm

Say hello to four new full time additions! We are excited to announce these fine new team members as we welcome them to the Lake | Flato family. From shortest to tallest we have Sunnie Diaz, Evan Morris, Rick Torres, and Cam Greenlee.
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Jessica Vonderau

“Sierra Madre! Sierra Leone! Sierra Mist! Sierra Nevada! Sierra Haight may not answer to all of David Lake’s affectionate nicknames, but if you’re lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of her perfected side eye-roll. #thatsnotmyname  Click to Read More

Casey Nelson

Welcome Our New Interns!

Posted by on 6/10/14 at 10:25am

Join me in welcoming our newest Interns Steven, Ana, and Joe!
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Better Know an LF’er: Melina Periera

Posted by on 6/4/14 at 12:15pm

“Melina has been a huge blessing to the office. She worked with us as a student intern for the majority of the Kinney Hotel Project, and was an indispensable addition to our team. Besides being talented, driven, and a pro at interior elevations and millwork details- she always carries a smile and adds humor to the studio. AND – she always tries to teach us Click to Read More



Posted by on 5/6/14 at 11:06am

So when Ty-Reece interviewed for the job, there was— and in some cases remains— some confusion regarding his name: was it Ty Reece or Tyreece?  In the end it didn’t really matter because if you say it fast enough no one will know the difference. What we did know Click to Read More


Better Know an LFer: Jennifer Young

Posted by on 4/17/14 at 03:42pm

“If you happen to overhear someone saying something like, ‘sore-ey… but, you must have your drawings to me before too-mour-row’ chances are you’ve been listening to one of our favorite resident Canadians, Jennifer Young, working her magic on one of our many (sometimes slippery) consulting engineers. Hailing originally from the great northern Click to Read More


Better Know an LF’er: Joseph Dugan

Posted by on 3/6/14 at 08:00am

“Joseph performed well beyond the call of duty for me and David on the HEB downtown campus. He tirelessly worked on the project late into the night or before dawn in the mornings. On several occasions he had to send to the client updates on the plans in the early morning hours, often times for 8:00 AM meetings. It was a demanding process where Click to Read More


Introducing our newest intern, Keegan Raleigh! Within two days of starting her internship at LF, Keegan agreed to take a weekend trip with a couple of LFers to Marfa, Texas. I’m not quite sure she knew what she was getting herself into when she got into the cramped car Click to Read More


New Year, New Hires: part deux

Posted by on 2/3/14 at 05:33pm

Meet our most recent recruits: Daniel Lazarine and Ben Hartigan.   Click to Read More