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Vicki Yuan

Better Know an LF Project: Hilltop Arboretum

Posted by on 12/31/11 at 11:13am

The Project: Hilltop Arboretum Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Project Team: Phase 1: Ted Flato, Andrew Herdeg, Brandi Rickels Phase 2: Andrew Herdeg, Joe Benjamin Click to Read More

Corey Leamon

Textures of Lake|Flato

Posted by on 12/9/11 at 11:30am

In late October, some Lake|Flatonians took the weekend to visit our ranches around the state of Texas. For many, these projects were new experiences and ways to explore materiality, application and construction. Tactile textures and palettes are important parts of how we interact with structure; what do you think of how Lake|Flato approaches these details of architectural design? Click to Read More

Vicki Yuan

The Project: Arizona State University Polytechnic Location: Mesa, Arizona Project Team: Andrew Herdeg, Chris Krajcer, Matt Wallace, Ted Flato, Steve Raike Click to Read More