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Laura Kaupp


Posted by on 12/11/14 at 10:21am

A giant smile breaks across my face when Jeannette visits my desk – she is either asking to help me with something or offering some crazy baked goodie. I think it’s her smile that goes airborne and infects other people causing them to break out in senseless smiles. Or maybe she puts something in those baked concoctions – they aren’t normal ingredients, you know. I’m not sure they ever make it to the other floors. 

Jeannette’s first task was to help me take notes for a client meeting – the meeting was 6 hours long, discussing 4 different buildings in 4 different phases and yes, just one client.  She typed exhaustive notes (9 pages long!) on her laptop as we met. After the meeting, I was beat and she was beaming – so excited to absorb everything we just talked about. I was smitten with my new intern treasure who was not only helping me with work, but helping me be excited about the work. 2014 has been a busy year, and Jeanette’s enthusiasm and encouragement have been invaluable, as well as her talents and hard work. She may be Sneezy, but she’s Sneezy Rockstar in my book.

– Laura Kaupp

Hometown: Essex, Connecticut

Years at LF: 6 months

Favorite LF Project: Love that Pearl.

Achilles Heel: Dark chocolate…

Happiest Place: Around the fireplace at my parents’ house.

Memorable Book: Invisible Cities, and more recently/less architect-y, Americanah.

Prized Possession: Bike (not a looker, but enables supreme independence)

Current Obsession: Soup!

Last Accomplishment: Vegan baked goods

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Uniquely genuine, open people.

Fate or Chance: Chance, paired with adaptability and optimism.