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Meet Our Newest Project Director

Posted by on 9/3/13 at 01:57pm

We’re happy to introduce our newest Project Director, Michael Britt.

Before joining us in San Antonio, Michael worked in Charlottesville where he also attended the University of Virginia for his M.Arch. He was a project manager for EcoMod, affordable and sustainable housing, which was recently featured in Architect Magazine

He has been told that he has “crazy sharp” vision (his ophthalmologist’s official diagnosis), which means he can see twice as far as the normal person. This has apparently come in handy when he goes bird watching.

Some other random tidbits about Michael: His spirit animal is a Red-Tailed Hawk, he is an international Fulbright Scholar, and he does not trust robots. You can guarantee we will be asking some follow up questions at the next happy hour.

Welcome to Lake|Flato, Michael! We are happy to have you!

  • Genevieve Angeles Efe

    Mike is one funny story teller.. I would know because we used to work together in Oakland,CA. Ask him about the infamous limo tour in Napa Valley. ; )

    • Sierra Haight

      I will be sure to do that! He has definitely kept us entertained. 🙂