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Casey Nelson

Four New L|F’ers

Posted by on 6/30/14 at 02:14pm

Say hello to four new full time additions! We are excited to announce these fine new team members as we welcome them to the Lake | Flato family. From shortest to tallest we have Sunnie Diaz, Evan Morris, Rick Torres, and Cam Greenlee.

From Chackbay, Louisiana, we have the pleasure of welcoming Sunnie Diaz. She recently finished her M.Arch at the University of Louisiana Lafayette and will be working on the Dallas Zoo. Sunnie enjoys cooking (you should ask her about her newest recipe for Squirrel Gumbo with homemade roux… what?!) kayaking, fishing, and sketching.

Evan Morris, a Dallas native, graduated from Tulane with his M. Arch. He will be joining the housing studio, working on the Rollingwood Residence. Evan enjoys running and playing music, and most recently taught himself to whistle with his fingers…you know, ”the loud cool kind.”

Rick Torres is bringing his experience in Dallas, as well as an M. Arch and MBA from Texas Tech, down to San Antonio. He is a native of Juarez, Mexico, and grew up in El Paso. Rick’s favorite LF project is the Story Pool House because, in his words it has, “an airstream, a pool, and an outdoor kitchen nestled on an isotropic Texas landscape.”

And lastly, joining us from a teaching gig at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is Cam Greenlee. You may have seen him in his first few days wandering the office, pointing at desks and attempting to remember everyone’s names, quite impressive! In addition to memorizing names, he also plays the bagpipes (whoa?!). Cam’s favorite LF project is the World Birding Center.

Welcome to LF new friends, we are glad you are here!