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Better Know an LFer: Sameer Rayyan

Posted by on 3/22/13 at 01:32pm

Early on I couldn’t get Sameer’s name quite right. Sameer Rayyan, who I initially thought was Ryan Sameer, worked with me on several developer projects last Fall. Our client, Mark Tolley, would refer to him as my Savent (a person of profound or extensive learning; or learned scholar) – He worked day and night on projects such as the Peanut Factory and Carwash projects. Always pleasant, always willing to take on a difficult task, Sameer willingly and enthusiastically would take on any problem thrown his way. A pretty decent cyclist as well, Sameer peddled his way through a 100 mile day during the MS150 on a bike weighing double what other cyclists’ bikes weigh. Further, he has a pretty nice hand at freehand drawing. You should see his sketchbook and figure drawings from last year.”

-Matt Morris

“Sameer has a good attitude at work, is a good designer, fun to be around, and a good worker. He gets the job done, which is sweet, and somehow finds the time to watch the latest silly videos on YouTube.”

 -Todd Wascher


Hometown: Herndon, Virginia

Years at LF: One

Current Project: The New Witte Museum

Favorite LF Project: Hill Country Jacal

Achilles Heel: Burger topped with an egg

Happiest Place: Windows down, along Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in my red 85 RX-7

Memorable Book: I’m currently reading Gaston Bachelard’s, “The Poetics of Space.” Although H. A. Rey’s, “Curious George” is quite a bit more memorable

Prized Possession: A well-travelled leather bag packed with a prime-lens camera, pencil, sketchbook and passport

Current Obsession: Brunch

Last Accomplishment: Rode with the Third Street Grackles Cycle Team at the MS150, Century ride (100 miles) from San Antonio to New Braunfels, Texas

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The city is quintessentially unpretentious. A family city with a small town vibe. Many quietly beautiful buildings with a generous amount of hidden gems to discover. Good food, good weather, good people. Also, did I mention Matt Morris lives here?

Fate or Chance: Chance.