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Better Know an LFer: Philip Chan

Posted by on 10/1/12 at 09:00am

“Philip Chan may hate ‘Filled Regions’ but loves helping people with their Revit projects! Philip is quick to jump on any issue people may present – he’s goes the extra mile to make sure Revit users are on track and able to actualize their design intentions. He won’t hold back a disappointing glare and sigh when he sees the mess you’ve made of your Revit project, but he will sit down and spend the time to help you sort it out. Philip has brought an expertise in digital design to our office that is invaluable – Thanks Philip!”  – Rebecca Bruce

Hometown: Hong Kong

Years at LF: 13 Months

Current Project: Camana Bay, SA Children’s Museum, GCRL, US Courthouse, Porch House, Witte Museum, Josey Pavilion,…..many more….

Favorite LF Project: Pearl + Full Goods

Achilles Heel: Always itching to take up any challenge in Revit, that probably sounds about right.

Happiest Place: Hong Kong back in the old days when I was a kid

Memorable Book: Not sure if I have one these days…

Prized Possession: My 2 lovely girls would do it

Current Obsession: I will have to say Revit

Last Accomplishment: It might sound nerdy….I came in first place of a local (in Houston) “Design Slam” competition (the hyperlink is an example) that I had to finish designing a building in Revit in 20 minutes.

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Being an LF’er

Fate or Chance: Fate