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Matthew Wallace


Posted by on 6/30/14 at 02:44pm

“As far as desk neighbors go, Phil is one of the worst.  Not only has he made Yacht Rock a relentless staple of the First Floor South’s playlist, his requests for the Top Gun Soundtrack,  Metallica, and The Eagles are incessant.  In addition to Phil’s shocking musical affinities, his knowledge on NPR personalities and the entire Hank Williams family (Sr. Jr. and the Third) is a constant reminder to all of us of our intellectual shortfalls. 

 That being said, as far as teammates go, Phil is one of the best.  He’s the kind of teammate who volunteers to model railing families in Revit while researching metal roof finishes ad nauseam.  He has an incredibly smart and rational approach to design that is one of a kind; it can take any project from a DEFCON 1 to 5 with a sketch and a laugh.  Phil truly is a talented designer and a great friend.”

-Grace Boudewyns


 “It’s been two years since the Lake Flato family gave birth to “Full-Time Phil”.  Having gone through the rigors of a previous internship, the highly talented Pennsyltuckian was well suited to navigate the D. Lake curveballs that are often thrown – even while commuting from the outskirts of Austin on a daily basis.  So it is with great sadness and joy that we send him back home to the frigid north country, somewhere between Appalachia and Canada I hear.

 His dedication, passion, design sensibilities, genuine and collaborative nature are only a few of the many attributes that we will miss.  He was simply a superstar.  Hopefully his many friends, including Leeroy Jenkins, will still keep in touch after his departure. 

While we would like to lock him in a cage in San Antonio, we all know that Phil needs to soar.  And soar he will for his wingspan is like non other.  Soar like the mighty condor, Phil.  Find your jet stream, my friend, so you will never need to flap your wings again.  Soar until you find that dot on the ground and once you do, dive…dive..DIVE and gank the babie’s lunch!

-Matt Wallace


Hometown: Boiling Springs, PA
Years at LF: 2
Current Project: NBU, GCRL
Favorite LF Project: Cutting Horse Ranch
Achilles Heel: Hank Williams (I, II and III) and Cold Beer
Happiest Place: Anywhere with my boy, Dean
Memorable Book: “A Sense of the World”, by Jason Roberts
Prized Possession: My cowboy boots
Current Obsession: Doing all things Texas, while I still can
Last Accomplishment: 40% DD Set for NBU
Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Great Friends and Cool Bars
Fate or Chance: Definitely Fate