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Better Know an LF’er: Patrick Burnham

Posted by on 2/20/13 at 02:58pm

Patrick joined Lake Flato destined to be “The” Georgia Tech intern, and the 220,000 sq. ft. lab building has kept him busy. His influence on the building is immediately visible; Patrick is responsible for the three story frit pattern on the building’s north façade. 

What has everyone else been missing while the Georgia Tech team kept Patrick to themselves?

First, he has awesome hair. I don’t think he tries to have awesome hair, it just grows that way. What else? Most days Patrick’s socks don’t match and he does this on purpose. Patrick has a profound love of food. He gets excited just talking about it. Seriously, he loves the stuff. He also loves coffee. He’s been known to keep a bag of beans around just so he can smell them. Patrick is a sponge; absorbing knowledge and asking questions. I think he is genuinely interested in everything…except sports…don’t talk to him about sports.” 

-Kerry Phillips and Sam Vonderau


Hometown: The Bayou City (Houston, TX)

Years at LF: .583 years (-or- 7 months)

Current Project: Georgia Tech Engineered Biosystems Building

Favorite LF Project: Story Pool House

Achilles Heel: Good food

Happiest Place: I’m happiest when I’m out in nature (a favorite is hiking in West Texas) or working with my hands (building furniture, cooking, or maybe working in the garden).

Memorable Book: As a kid I loved C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy & The Chronicles of Narnia.

Prized Possession: Whatever happens to be growing in the garden right now. This week it’s mint and kale.

Current Obsession: Russian Orthodox chanting

Last Accomplishment: Today I turn 24, although I can’t take any credit for that in itself.

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Lake Flatonians

Fate or Chance: Fate and Choice.