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Better Know an LF’er: Michelle, Serena, and Alex

Posted by on 2/27/17 at 02:25pm

We’re excited to introduce three LF interns! Originally from China, Malaysia, and Guatemala, respectively, Michelle, Serena, and Alex have lived all over the world before arriving in San Antonio. Here is an exclusive Dogrun interview about their Lake Flato experience.




Michelle Meng

Favorite place in San Antonio? La Villita

Favorite films? Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Revenant, Chungking Express, The Last Emperor. I’ve struggled to narrow down to 5!

What would you do if not Architecture? I would work in the film industry.

What was your first impression of Alex? She’s so tall.

What was your first impression of Serena? She is so outgoingly friendly. When we met, she greeted me like she knew me for months.

What work are you most proud of doing at Lake Flato so far? I still can’t believe that I’m working on a US Courthouse project…and the UAIC school physical model!

What are your aspirations for your future? For family and friends to be healthy, safe, and happy.

Can you draw R-Chee?  Can you draw Texas?


Is there anything you would like to ask Serena? She doesn’t have any secrets from me. I think I know everything. If you could live in any city in the world without considering expense, what would it be?



Serena Ching

If you could live in any city in the world without considering expense, what would it be?  Seoul.

When do you hear back from grad schools?  Next week.

Are you nervous?  You’re not supposed to ask yes/no questions.

What’s your favorite place in San Antonio?  The Riverwalk south of Blue Star, because I can bike freely without thinking of anything, the sunset is so pretty, and there are birds there. There are a lot of people, just doing their thing.

What work at Lake Flato are you most proud of? Besides the Christmas PhotoBooth? Maybe Centennial Park, mainly because I’ve learned so much due to change of site and being considerate of existing programs in the park (in terms of noise) because it is an Event Pavilion we’re designing. Learning how to create design options in Revit was a big accomplishment (haha!) and how landscape architects think and design.

What are your aspirations for the rest of your career?  Eventually, I do want to make a difference as an architect back home, in Malaysia, however I can.  As of right now, one of the fears I have is that Malaysia’s towns and cities will go through a rapid, unnatural, monotonous growth and we’ll end up with suburbia of apartment buildings sprawled from city centers that are mainly just commercial zones or industrial zones.

Can you draw R-Chee?  Can you draw Texas?



Is there anything you want to ask Alex?  What’s the most milk you have drank in one sitting?



Alex Pineda

What’s the most milk you have drank in one sitting?  One gallon (one long sitting).

Favorite place you have lived?  I guess I would have to say New Delhi, there was so much going on, ice cream was really cheap growing up.

Do you like films as much as Michelle?  Probably not. She’s obsessed.

What is the Battle of Flowers?  Well, a very long time ago, flowers used to rule the earth…

Is this like Planet of the Apes, but with flowers?  Yeah, Essentially. It’s the day humans remember how they conquered flowers, that’s why they cut them and put them in vases as symbols of triumph.

What would you do if not Architecture?  Serena and I had an idea for a food boat- where Serena is going to cook, and I’m just there. And we stop in different cities around the Mediterranean. And bring hope to the children.

What work at Lake Flato are you most proud of? Working in UAIC, and being the primary caretaker of the plyboo acoustic wall panel samples.

Can you draw Texas?   Can you draw R-Chee?  I’m going to get fired for this.


(Matt Morris) Are you doing Watercolor Thursday without me? That’s Arch-ee, right? And what’s this triangle?  That’s Texas.

(Matt Morris) That’s Texas? Oh, well, you know. Abstractly.



  • Pavan Iyer

    Finally! Also, it’s spelled R-Chee!

    • Adam Heisserer

      Got it. I knew it was something like that. More intern interviews to come!